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What Mobile Casino Games Pays Out The Most?

July 4th, 2018 by LuckyMobileCasinos

Not an easy question to answer, but we will try as we take a look at the casino games that are the most profitable and which are likely to pay out the most.

Which Are The Best Paying Casino Games To Play Online
Which Are The Best Paying Casino Games To Play Online

The reason why is because the term ‘pay out the most’ is a little vague, but we weren’t sure how else to word it.

Basically, what we are going to look at in this casino blog post is which of the main casino games give you the best odds of winning, and how easy it is to actually get those wins.

Now, obviously we are talking about online and mobile casino games; so the odds generally favour the casino. This won’t tell you how to beat the casino (you can’t, not in the long run).

But in the short term, you might get yourself some good enough wins to be satisfied with your results; whether you prefer table games or slot machines.

For clarification, we will be looking at classic casino games that require pure chance like slots, blackjack and roulette; so poker, which requires a little more skill, is too difficult to measure to be on the list.

What are the casino table games with the best odds?

We start our list looking at the online table games because let’s be honest, the world is divided into those who play table games and maybe spin a little fruit machine or slots players who occasionally dabble on roulette/blackjack/whatever.

You generally tend to favour one or the other. The Question is, are you playing the winning games?

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We are going to assume you play at the online casino or live casinos; it doesn’t matter, the odds of winning should be relatively the same. In fact, almost all casino games should have a Theoretical Return to Player Rate (RTP) printed in the rules.

Because we are generalising here, and there are many variations of these gambling games (and the bets you can make) it’s worth looking at that RTP before you play.

The return to player rate is the theoretical return of a casino game over millions of plays, the higher the percentage the better.

This can also sometimes be represented as a house edge – ie. the edge the house has on the machine. So, for example, a game with 98% RTP has a house edge of 2%. Simple.

1. Blackjack is first for simplicity and high payout rates

The reason we put Blackjack in first is that at its hearts it’s a simple game with set rules to follow.

NetEnt Multi Hand Blackjack Table
NetEnt Multi Hand Blackjack Table

If you don’t know what you are doing, your odds of winning blackjack big can be low, especially if you just hit, split, or double whenever you feel like.

But the good news is that with a Blackjack odds cheat sheet, which tells you the optimal strategy for every possible hand you or the dealer might get, the return to player rate on these games can be ridiculously high.

If you look at our online blackjack games list you’ll see that the RTP are usually over 99% – that’s one of the lowest house edges in all the games… and biggest pay out rates for you if you play properly.

Sure, there are more advanced blackjack strategies you can find online (and those card counting tales), but even beginners can use a basic cheat sheet and get ahead.

2. Baccarat is one of the safest games to play statistically

Baccarat isn’t far behind online Blackjack in terms of giving high returns with a house edge of only 1.2% on player hands, and 1.1% on Banker’s hands.

That means that the player’s hand can expect to win around 44.62% of the time whilst the banker will generally win around 45.85% of the time. Knowing this information alone, you could simply bet on the Bankers hand and have a slight edge overall.

It’s not a huge edge, and it’s worth changing up your bets, but you see where this is going. Ultimately, Baccarat online is just an overcomplicated coin toss game, but with cards – there’s a reason the odds are almost 50/50.

Those missing payout percentages are for any ‘ties’ between the results, which are very few and far between and almost always favours the house – but pays well. A risky and foolhardy bet.

The main problem is that whilst it will pay out more often, it won’t pay out that much unless you make big bets or have one hell of a winning streak.

This can be negated somewhat if you use the pair bet wisely, though that has a much lower RTP of around 88 but pays 11:1, so it can bring up your winnings faster than simply betting on one hand or the other. But that’s for when you get more comfortable with the game.

Still, it’s a good idea to get comfortable with the rules and calculations before you play a hand.

3. Online Roulette has high returns if you know what you are doing

And unlike Blackjack, we can’t give you a cheat sheet for this game, because the game of roulette is all about statistics.

Its return to player rates are not that far off from Baccarat; around a high 98% RTP on most good European Roulette wheels.

Yes, we said European. The house edge of American Roulette, with two zeros, is 5.26% Vs the European machines which have a general house edge of 2.70%.

The reason why mobile roulette games aren’t higher up the list despite this high theoretical return is that they require a little know-how about what are the odds of these numbers landing on the wheel.

A good roulette strategy will include both low risk and high-risk bets – one to minimise your losses, the other to maximise your winning potential to overcome those lower roulette table odds.

If you don’t get the balance right you end up either going nowhere, never winning enough or losing much, or going through your casino budget far too quickly.

It’s a tricky game to get your head around, but once you fall in love with casino roulette games, you’ll never look to play anything else.

Online Video Poker is surprisingly lucrative

The highest paying casino game has to be Online Video Poker with payout rates in the 99% to over 100% RTP range.

It’s one of those games that deserves its own mini-section because it kind of sits somewhere between a slot machine and a table game.

Microgaming Jacks or Better Video Poker Machine
Microgaming Jacks or Better Video Poker Machine

It uses the same rules of online poker, but the way it ‘spins’ the card symbols on the table randomly to give you a win has a lot less to do with skill and far more with chance.

That’s not a downside by the way: we love to play slots and we love the simplicity of slots – and by default Video Poker games.

The plus side is that unlike slot machines some video poker machines can pay over 100% in RTP. Hard to find, mostly you have to settle for a machine that sits at around 99.2%.

Which is high. Ever so high. Video Poker is one of the highest paying casino games with the best payout percentages around.

You need to know the machine and the game or don’t play

That 99% RTP only works though if you play with an optimal video poker strategy, which changes depending on the pay table or even the hands dealt.

Which requires homework. And learning. And figuring out what is a full pay video poker game and what the difference is between Jacks or Better and Aces and Faces.

It’s all in our Video Poker guide. So you don’t have far too go. But it can be more homework than most of us want to do when we just open up our iPhone casino for a couple of quick bets.

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Do slot games pay out more than table games?

Do you know why we started with table games? Because casino table games generally do tend to be more profitable that slot machines in the long run.

We know slotsheads out there will scream and shout, and to be honest, we’re there with you: generally, we often prefer to play a good slot machine and love trying out the latest new game by the studio game providers.

But the return to player rate of slot machines vary widely – and the same can’t be true of the table games, where it’s 0.1% difference between them.

You get slot payout percentages as low as 88% up to 99% RTP – though mostly you are talking about a return of around 95% to 98%. Most should say what the RTP is like.

A high RTP doesn’t mean you’ll beat the casino

And here’s another problem with Android and iOS casino slot machines: all the RTP says is that it pays out more or less over a billion spins than another.

But it could pay out 0.10 on every single spin to 100 players, or it could pay out 10 in cash to 1 player over 100 spins.

Slot volatility and variance is key to understanding how much and how often a slot machine pays out.

Yggdrasil Vikings Go To Hell Slot Game On Mobile
Yggdrasil Vikings Go To Hell Slot Game On Mobile

Low variance slots pay out little and often, high variance slots pay out big but not often, and medium variance slots sit somewhere in between.

The slot machines with the biggest payouts are the volatile ones, but they are the most dangerous to play and tend to have those RTP of 95% to 96%.

Lower variance machines can afford to have higher RTP because the in-game jackpots aren’t as high, but many games creators will give lower RTP and lower returns to make the slot machine odds more favourable to the casinos rather than for you.

It’s why it’s worth reading slot reviews from trusted sources.

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The best most volatile slot machines we love:

We actually really love volatile slots, but that’s not to say we play them all the time.

They are some of the best paying slot games and they are usually the games we start our evenings with, setting a budget to play a little bit aggressively, and if we burn through it… moving on to medium or low variance machines to try and build up our cash reserves again.

That is if we don’t want our gambling entertainment to end quickly. Sometimes we only have 5 minutes to play, and we don’t mind giving all our time an attention to these greats:

  • Raging Rhino by WMS
  • Dead or Alive by NetEnt
  • Book of Dead by Play’n GO
  • The Mask by NextGen Gaming
  • Vikings Go To Hell by Yggdrasil Gaming
  • Laser Fruit by Red Tiger Games
  • Siberian Storm Dual Play by IGT
  • Kaiju by Elk Studios
  • Second Strike by Quickspin
  • Six Acrobats by Microgaming

These are all on the higher scale and hide big wins are (in our opinion) are fun to play. There’s plenty more out there of course, and they are not in any order, but we figured we’ve give you one from each of our favourite game studios.

Jackpot slots pay out the most of all the casino games

But that’s not necessarily a good thing. Because so far, we’ve been talking about which games give you the biggest odds of winning.

And we’ve clarified that if you are willing to learn, table games give you the better odds. There’s a reason why you can’t clear bonus wagering requirements on anything other than casino slots.

But gambling slots have the higher payouts; ie. on a small bet you can win a whole load more than on table games, even without a jackpot.

With a progressive jackpot added to the game, that payout can be astronomical, from the soldier who won over £13 million on a 0.25 bet, to the KFC worker who walked away with $10 million in the bank.

It’s life changing amounts. But it’s also a little bit like playing the lottery.

Because most (not all) jackpot slots tend to be on the lower variance scale, keeping you playing so that a small percentage of your tatal bet goes to building that big progressive top prize.

That said, a good jackpot game like Mega Fortune Dreams or Mega Moolah will still make it fun enough to keep you playing and hoping to catch that jackpot and make a little money.

It’s certainly thrilling and a hard feeling to beat, but it’s a one in a million type chance.

Which are the best casino games to win on?

As you’ve probably read, the answer isn’t that simple, it all depends on the kind of player you are and what type of fun you are looking to have.

If you know nothing about casinos and are looking for some quick entertainment with clear rules and easy to follow strategies then the game to play is online mobile Blackjack games.

On the other hand, if you hate to follow rules and just want to try and get a big win on a couple of bets then slot machines with an RTP of over 96% give you the best chances of winning. Easy to understand and little to no reading required.

If you are looking to find just one game to play the rest of your life, that will not just pay out well, but give you great odds, and you’re a quick study, then Video Poker games are for you. It might take a while to get that optimal strategy, but you’ll get there.

Every casino game in this list is a game of chance

Ultimately, whilst you can improve your odds by knowing some good facts about each of the game, one bet is all it takes to get started.

So the best advice we can give you is to play on the gambling machine that gives you the most fun and the biggest thrill. And remember, when the fun stops, stop betting.

If slots are your thing, then Videoslots casino is your first stop shop for every single big game out there, and plenty of little ones: including all the ones we listed on our volatile list above.

That said, the best casino to give you a well-rounded experience, in our opinion, is Royal Panda. Because not only do they have a good selection of slots, but they put a great focus on their table games.

That includes exclusive live casino games, as well as Blackjack bonuses and table game offers, mixed in with a little sports betting too.

Get started today and find your next big win at your new favourite casino game.

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