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Cookies on Lucky Mobile Casinos

When visiting a site nowadays you might have seen messages popping up asking you to accept cookies. You might have been wondering what these cookies are exactly. Well hopefully by the end of this you will know a little more about them and why we use them on Lucky Mobile Casinos.

Cookies Explained

A cookie, also referred to as a HTTP cookie, a browser cookie or web cookie is a small file stored in your browser when you visit a website that uses them. They usually contain anonymous information about your visit to the site, providing useful stats that help us improve our site. Which articles are the most read for example. What you were looking for in our site. All in an attempt to make your visit more user friendly and help us write content you love.

If you know a little about technology, you’ll know these cookies are what makes Google Analytics run. We can’t tell your name, your address or if you prefer pizza or tacos. We can, however, see that 100 people read and liked our article about Android VS iOS casinos.

How do we use them on Lucky Mobile Casinos

We try to make your experience at Lucky Mobile Casinos as great as we can through great content, fast page loading and more. We use the aforementioned analytics on our site so that we can improve our site and deliver what our users need quickly and reliably and when they need it. As we mentioned, all information is anonymous so we don’t know who you are.

We use site caching allowing us to deliver the content faster which is even more important when viewing the site via your mobile. It means your browser will remember that you were on the site already and not have to load everything from scratch again.

Third Party Cookies

If you have taken a look through our site you would have noticed various videos and sharing buttons. These are typically from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ which all might use cookies to present their information to you. We at Lucky Mobile Casinos don’t have any control over the cookies they store in your browser and we suggest that if you want to find out more about them then you head over to their sites and check out their cookie policies.

More Information

If you wish to change your cookie settings then we recommend you check the setting or preferences in your web browser. Depending on your browser there are different ways that can limit the use of them or stop from receiving cookies altogether.

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