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Say hello to our little team!

Get to know us a little better, why we created LuckyMobileCasinos and how you can benefit from reading our content and mobile casino reviews

We are not a big team. We don’t pretend to be. We are just a couple of players who have been kicking around the online gambling industry for a while and thought…Damn, why is it so hard to find a good casino game to play on my iPad?

“Damn, why is it so hard to find a good casino game to play on my iPad?”

We might have started looking for mobile casino games to play on our iPad, but we since found that there are a whole wide world of great mobile casinos online that you can play on any device, if you know how to find them.

Because let’s be honest; those of us who like to play on trains, planes and automobiles have had to usually have to settle for second rate mobile video slots and games, because we’ve chosen a smaller more portable format. This is no longer true. Online casinos and game providers out there are going out of their way to create a great mobile experience for all their players, and we want to showcase each and everyone who is doing it right and help you avoid those that will simply waste your time.

Who are we?

The Brains

The man behind the project, it was his idea to create a site dedicated to the mobile casino world.

He built the site, decides what goes on and ensures that all mobile casinos are above board. He loves the maths and technology behind the casino games, the games software and the casinos and likes to pick holes at sub standard casino bonuses and offers.

His love for technology and all things online made him all the more fascinated with mobile technology and all it could offer players. He loves rugby, doodling and sunshine.

The Brawn

Bet you expected this to be the boy? Nope.

The second half of this team is the writer and general game player of the team. More of a player than an entrepreneur, she likes pretty pictures, flashing lights and bonus features that make great games stand out.

Having had a lot of experience in online gaming, she knows what she likes and nothing makes her happier than sitting, reviewing and writing about it. She also loves cheese, wine and holidays.


Every great team needs a mascot.

Why a cat? Not because we are cat people or dog people (kinda both actually), but because the different expressions within a cat were perfect to portray many different casino situations. Wide eyed joy at a glimmer of light? Great for slots reviews. Condescending patronising ‘you are a moron’ look? Perfect for reviewing bad mobile casinos.

Also, it’s the internet. Doesn’t everyone love kitties? Come on… look at his eyes and tell us he is not cute.

What we can do for you

Ultimately, we are here to provide you with unbiased, impartial reviews about mobile casinos, offers, promotions and platforms. We love what we do (which helps) and we want to create a little community of players who, like us, want to enjoy slots and casino games everywhere, anywhere and on any device.

Casinos we trust

We only provide you with information about casinos that have proven to be trustworthy and reliable to players. Those who payout on time and offer a great all round experience.
All Mobile Casinos

We know that we are still a small minority of people who would rather spin a few reels on their mobile phone or tablet rather than on our desktop online, but we are a growing number. But consider that the average American spends at least 8 hours a month playing games on their mobile – and that number grows. Time and again, we turn to the devices sitting on our coffee table or in our pocket for entertainment. And what’s more entertaining than a little online casino gaming now and then?

So we put together all the best mobile casinos and no deposit casino bonuses we can find, so you don’t waste your time on those that don’t.

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