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Mobile Slots Guide

Mobile Slots Guide

Your guide to playing mobile slots online

Mobile slots, what you need to know

We have to confess. It wasn’t until we entered the exciting world of online and mobile casinos that we discovered a true and honest love for playing slot machines.

Play Mobile Slots from NetEnt, BetSoft, Sheriff, Microgaming and others...
Play Mobile Slots from NetEnt, BetSoft, Sheriff, Microgaming and others...

Unlike so many slot players out there, whenever we used to walk into a casino, we would quickly walk past the shiny, noisy machines and head straight for the card tables.

Since we have, of course, played on land-based slots. Still, our hearts remain with the machines created by the incredibly clever online casino software providers that give a truly immersive gaming experience with their fast array of online and mobile slots.

We got curious and researched this new love of ours – which, it turns out, is a very recent phenomenon.

The first slot machine, the Liberty Bell, was created in 1987 and was an instant hit in its native United States. It started to spread in New York from its conception onwards, and by the early 20th century, they could be seen all over the US.

But it wasn’t until 1963 that they started to have a global impact with the release of the first electronic slot machine or one-armed bandit. And the first video slot? 1996. Yeap, that’s recent.

Online video slots are fairly new. That hasn’t stopped it from making a large impact in the online and, more recently, the mobile casino world, with slot machines becoming the most popular casino games in online casinos.

Here was a platform that was tailor-made for beautiful graphics, interesting bonus features and exciting sounds.

Mobile, in particular, suits video slots far better than many other casino games like blackjack and roulette, probably because of their simplistic nature. It’s far easier to get a person to smoothly click on a button and to spin a reel or two than it is to give them several betting choices on the roulette tables – especially with the limited space on a smartphone.

And with people spending more time gambling on their mobile phones, iPads and tablets but enjoying far simpler games than they would expect online or on their Playstations, video slots are in their natural mobile environment.

The trick is to find the best mobile casinos to play the best mobile slots. But first, you need to know the basics of mobile and online slot games.

So next up: How to play mobile slots online »

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