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Why Play Mobile Scratch Cards Online

Why Play Mobile Scratch Cards Online

Play scratch cards for fun, Play for real money

Why play? Because mobile scratch card are the closest to the real physical scratch card as you’ll find.

Mobile Scratch Cards - Scratch to Win
Mobile Scratch Cards - Scratch to Win

Ok, let’s deal as to why mobile scratch cards are the way to go. If you are reading this, chances are, you know why you like playing scratch cards. However, you might have had a small doubt at the back of your mind, wondering if the online or mobile versions  can live up the original model.

Well, here is why we specifically prefer online and even mobile scratch cards over the offline versions:

Virtual Scratch cards VS Shop Bought Scratch cards

  1. You have better odds of winning than the offline scratch cards. No kidding. It’s because they work more like mobile slots than scratch cards. Makes sense right? With a slot machine you press a button and hope the symbols line up. With a scratch card you scratch the surface and hope the symbols line up. (more on how to make the most of this in our scratch card strategies and tips.) The return to player rate on online scratch cards is better than the offline versions, just like in most landbased vs online slots.
  2. As such, you can usually see the return to player rate on the scratchies themselves before you start playing; meaning you can easily see which ones are more likely to pay out.
  3. These are literally ‘instant’ wins. They get transferred to your casino account instantly. No having to go to the shop and claim the prize.
  4. Talking of which, no having to go to the shop. Ever. Hell, you don’t even have to dress if you don’t want to; just sit naked on your sofa with your iPad over your unmentionables, playing away.
  5. You can actually ‘scratch’ at the card using your touch screen. In the online version, all you do is click the square and it would scratch itself. For some reason smudging the screen of your Android phone or iPhone as you slowly reveal the symbols below feels far more satisfying and closer to the real scratch card experience.
  6. You don’t see graphics jumping out at your paper card right? Nope, but online and on your mobile phone you get some very cool graphics on the scratch card games.

Of course, that’s not to say that there is no downside to mobile scratch cards. For one, the selection of them is still small in comparison to the online version. For two, most of the jackpots on the mobile scratch cards are not as high as many of the offline ones, as many are funded by the national lottery and can go into the tens of millions.

Overall, we think the pros out weight the cons.

Of course, if what you really want is the feel of that black goo against your coin, then not much we can help you with. Mobile is pretty close to the real feeling, but until they make phones and tablets that ooze, that’s not going to be an option.

You know the why, now find out how to play mobile scratch cards online. Not as dumb as it sounds, we promise.

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