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Why Play at Android Casinos Online?

No longer rating ‘second place’ to iOS (Apple) products like iPads and iPhones, Android is as popular as ever for smartphones and tablets. As such, real money Android casinos and mobile casino games are thriving.

Online casinos have a list, in terms of importance, of which devices they need to work towards accommodating, and iOS and Android are the two almost every one focuses on. Chances are, if a mobile casino online is Apple friendly, it will also be Android friendly. That’s great news for those of us who are looking to play casino games and slots on Android mobile devices, because we’ve come to expect the same great mobile casino apps, experience and enjoyment as any Apple loving player. Because ultimately, we are now as numerous as the iPad casino crowd, but unlike them, we get a bigger variety of phones and tablets to play mobile casino games with. Go us.

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The popularity of Android smartphones

Everyone always thinks that Android tablets and phones play second fiddle to iPhones and iPads. The idea that Android gaming products are somehow ‘catching up’ to iOS devices is a fallacy. Do you know how many mobile apps have ever been downloaded in the Apple app store ever? 50 Billion. Impressive right? Now, guess how many in the Google Play store? 48 Billion.

That’s still 2 Billion for Apple you say? Maybe, but with Apple having had several years on Google, that’s an impressive catch up. And when you talk about ‘billions’, what’s a couple between friends? Well… Google and Apple would probably argue the difference, but in real terms of how many people use the devices, the numbers are now quite evenly split.

5 Best Android Casinos Online

  1. Vera&John
  2. Guts
  3. Rizk
  4. Casumo
  5. LeoVegas

The rise of Android phones & tablets

Funnily enough, the Android operating system was actually out in the market first, having been developed as far back as 2003 as an open-source platform. However, the first mobile phone to use this software wasn’t until 2008, a full year after the first iPhone came out, and it wasn’t until 2010 that it became a major contender in the market as the iPhone craze started to die down and people looked for alternative options.

The reason for Android’s rise is also its curse. Whilst Google has its own set of phones and tablets (the Nexus – which we heartily recommend), the reason it has managed to catch up with Apple’s popularity is simply that the Android platform has been installed in so many different types of phones.

Samsung, Nokia, HTC etc… you name it, most of the major smartphone suppliers in the world will have an Android platform on their phone. If they could use the iOS platform, they probably would, but Apple doesn’t licence their platforms, meaning you can only find iOS software in Apple products. Google, seeing the opportunity to spread their platform far and wide, provide mobile phone companies with a great platform to beat Apple at its own game.

Needless to say Google and Apple are not the best of friends. We like to think of them as unfriendly neighbours, fighting for precious inches in their yards, but with an appreciation (and slight envy) of each other’s prize winning roses. Where as Windows phone casinos bring up third place as the runner ups.

Now to the success of mobile casinos for Android

Why are we giving you this history lesson in Android smartphones? Because it helps to understand the struggle we face when reviewing an Android casino app.

With iPhone and iPad casino sites, we play on our iPad and 99.99% of the time, the mobile casino slots and games will look the same on the iPhone, the iPad mini and the iPod. Easy.

Now we turn on our Android Google Nexus phone. We play our favourite mobile slot machines. They look good.

Now we turn on the Android Samsung phone. We play our favourite mobile slots games. They look squashed.

Now we turn on the Android HTC phone. We play our favourite slots for Android. The reels keep spinning when you turn auto-spin on…

5 Best Android Casino Games

  1. NetEnt Twin Spin Slot
  2. IGT Cleopatra Slot
  3. BetSoft Mobile European Roulette
  4. Playtech Great Blue Slot
  5. Quickspin The Wild Chase

The list goes on. The fault here lies mostly with the casino gaming software companies. Because it’s so easy to create a great iOS casino game, they optimise for that, and then lazily replicate for Android real money casino sites, forgetting they need to cater for a wider range of mobile phones and sizes.

NextGen, for example, are the worst for it. We’ve encountered more bugs in their mobile casino games for Android devices than any other mobile casino software.

NetEnt or Microgaming, on the other hand, you could be playing on your iPhone or 100 Android devices and your mobile gambling experience will be the same.

Mobile friendly slot and table games

So this is our official apology, if you do have an Android mobile phone, then when we say that a site is ‘Android friendly’ we mean… more or less. Give or take. Play some free Android casino games or download their real casino apps for Android first and check if your model of phone likes the type of mobile games.

Get to know the gaming software and keep an eye out for the ones that are more tempestuous with this OS. That way, when we say ‘Android mobile casino’, you’ll be able to see that we mean 80% or 60% of the casino games you can play.

Alternatively get yourself a Samsung Galaxy or Google Nexus Tablet. Those devices are mighty fine… and you can play at the top sites with an experience as if you were on an online casino. No fuss.

If buying yourself a brand new expensive tablet is on the books to enjoy some online gambling games, then know that we truly try as many mobile devices as we can and point out any issues we come across.

If you come have any problems of your own during your own experiences, please write to us, tell us the make and model of your Android phone or tablet and we will put a note against the mobile game and casino. Lucky will love you forever.

Which are the best Android casino sites?

There are many to choose from but all of our recommended sites are ones we trust and are fully licensed and regulated to the highest standards.

1. Vera&John Casino
This Swedish mobile casino offers players from all over the world including UK to the Far East and Europe to join in the fun, with special slot tournaments, promotions and the latest games.

Start Playing at Vera&John Casino »

2. Guts Casino
Probably our best Android casino, with hundreds of mobile slots and casino games on offer and cash outs under 2 hours.

Guts offer you 10 free spins on sign up, with no wagering and no deposit needed – T&Cs Apply. Monthly promotions and the chance at taking a generous welcome bonus.

Guts mobile casino have all you need for an Android gambling experience whether you’re from the UK, Canada, Sweden or anywhere in between.

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3. Casumo Casino
A highly rated Android mobile casino, Casumo offers casino games from a wide range of popular software providers, mobile roulette, slots, blackjack and video poker.

As soon as you sign up you’ll be welcomed in to start your bonus filled adventure here via their unique loyalty program and take part in Reel Race slot tournaments, and who knows you might just win big.

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