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Mobile Scratch Card Hints And Strategies

Mobile Scratch Card Hints And Strategies

Play Scratch Cards For Free, Return To Player Rate and Hit Rate

Though there is never a guaranteed way to win at scratchies, there are certain elements you can look for in order to increase your odds and help you play for longer.

Play Mobile Scratch Cards for Free or Play for Real Money
Play Mobile Scratch Cards for Free or Play for Real Money

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, mobile and online scratch cards are, in many ways, similar to online and mobile slots.

Specifically the fact that for every new card (spin of the reels) your odds of winning are completely dependent on a random number generator. That means that no matter what you do, you cannot affect the outcome using skill. Good ol’ fashion luck is your partner in crime here… that and highly complicated mathematics.

However, there are still some ways you can affect your odds and chances of winning in the long term. Here is our list of our best scratch cards insights to help you to win at mobile scratch cards along with what we think is the best scratchcard to win on.

Look at the Return to Player and Hit Rate

Most mobile scratch card games have a return to player rate (RTP) clearly published in the information. If not, we have them listed in our ‘Best Mobile Scratch Cards’ page. Most scratch cards should be over 90%, anything below you should probably avoid, unless the scratch cards jackpot is big enough that you are going for the one big win, rather than just a decent win over your budget.

High Jackpot (Bigger Wins but less chance) = 80%-90% RTP and 20-30% Hit Rate

If possible look for the hit rate as well. That should tell you how often you’ll win (ie. 50% hit rate means you’ll win 50% of the time for example.) Be careful here. Winning 50% of the time could, and usually, just means getting back your bet.It could also mean winning the maximum jackpot amount. You never know.

Lower Jackpot (Smaller Wins but higher chance) = 90-95% RTP and 30-40% Hit Rate

The winning combination is a high RTP, high hit rate and high jackpot scratch card. However, if it’s a big jackpot you want you might have to sacrifice the hit rate by quite a bit (20-30%) and expect a lower RTP. If, however, you just want to get a few hundred to top up your wallet for the weekend, aim for lower jackpot scratch cards, but high RTP and Hit Rate.

Try Mobile Scratch Cards For Free

All of the mobile scratch cards casinos in our list provide their mobile scratch cards to play for free, waiting for you to open them and try them.

With mobile casino games, it’s always best to play them for free first to ensure your device, whether iPhone, iPad or Android, is compatible with the software. So far we haven’t seen any problems, but we cannot test every device on earth, though god knows we try.

You will also get a feel for the scratchies, seeing what the hit rate (see above) is like and the likely hood of you coming out on top.

Find a Mobile Scratch Card to Match your Budget

It’s not rocket science, the more cards you’ll get to play, the higher your odds of finding a winning card. Of course, the higher the cost of the card, the higher the jackpot is likely to be.

Casino With Best Betting Range?

That has to be Videoslots casino who offer a wide variety of cards to scratch.
Videoslots Casino »

How you choose to play (big and risky, or small and steady) is really up to you. Some people like to risk it all on one card for a big win, others want to enjoy playing on their mobile for a while.

We prefer being able to pick more cards, as the chances of getting that one big win is still there. It might not be as big, but it’s big enough for us and we have more chances of walking away with some winnings.

Slow and steady wins the race in our books.

Stick to your Budget and Never Chase Your Loses

You have no idea how often we’ve heard the little voice in the back of our head going “It’s bound to pay out soon, I’ve been playing for ages! Go on. £10 more…

Just say no. Many of the best mobile casinos make it possible for you to set yourself a daily, weekly or monthly limit of how much you can play with. If you’ve reached your limit, close your tablet, turn off your phone and go pet your cat/dog or something.

This is gambling, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. When you win, put aside at least 20% to 25% into your wallet if you want to continue playing. If you lose, DO NOT continue playing thinking that somehow, magically, the scratch card will suddenly payout big and give you a jackpot. This leads nicely to the last point…

It’s Meant to be Fun Remember?

You don’t run back to the shop, shouting angrily that you didn’t win when your scratch card doesn’t pay anything do you? Neither should you when playing on online or mobile scratch cards.

You are paying for playing. Playing is fun. As long as you get that feeling of fun enough time and feel like you got some value for money, it doesn’t matter so much if you win or lose overall.

Obviously we all want to win, and when we do it’s great!

But the real question here is were you entertained? Did you get that rush when you almost won or did win or came close to winning? Great! That’s entertainment folks.

So to fulfil our statement at the top and to answer the good old question of what is the best scratchcard to win on. Well, it’s the one you have the most fun on of course. A bit of a cop out? We can tell you our favourite which is: Iron Man 2 from Playtech.

Where do I Go From Here?

If you now feel like you know which mobile scratch card is the one for you, then you can head straight to our select list of mobile casinos with scratch cards. If, on the other hand, you want us to do the hard work for you, then read our ‘Best Mobile Scratch cards for Android and iPhones/iPads’ to pick the game and casino you want.

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