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How Paul Won A Remarkable £33,000 On A Mobile Casino

July 24th, 2014 by LuckyMobileCasinos

Paul may not have gone in thinking he’d win £33,000, but win he did. So how did he do it? What slot strategy did he use and which mobile games gave him all the luck?

Video Slots Mobile Casino Player Wins £33,000
Video Slots Mobile Casino Player Wins £33,000

Truth is, when Paul logged onto his Android VideoSlots casino account, he wasn’t expecting much of muchness.

Not to say he wasn’t after a win, it just it wasn’t his main focus. He got home late from work, the kids were in bed and dinner was being re-heated. It wasn’t a memorable night or day. Yet.

So, as he went and did all the manly things a man does when he gets home, before wondering which Android Tablet casino his luck might be hiding in tonight. He’d been playing at Video Slots casino for a while now and was enjoying the 160+ mobile casino games on offer. He figured he might as well keep exploring.

Turns out his exploration leads him to a real cave of wonders, as 8 games and 4 hours later he was £29,800 up from his £200 starting deposit amount.

A mixture of video poker and mobile slots

Paul started his four hour slot journey to success with how most of us would begin when you log into your casino account. With the new casino games.

Medusa 2 by NextGen Gaming caught his eye. The original slot was brilliant, surely the new one will be as hard hitting?

Well he wasn’t wrong. Within 20 minutes his balance was up to £1,568. He was betting aggressively, starting with £5 bets and moving up to £10 and then £15, when he hit the free spins round and locked all five of the reels to the same symbols 3 times in a row.

What a rush!

He didn’t leave the lady with the most famous hair in history for a little while after that. Still after an hour or so, it was time to try his luck elsewhere as the lady had clearly turned her heart to stone.

Solid slot entertainment

After the high risk Medusa slot, Paul wanted something a little more low key. So he went straight to Play’n Go’s Energoons, which is something in between a game and a slot. It was great fun for a little while and he enjoyed the more casual game play. He was feeling cautious and he didn’t want to lose all his winnings that night.

But it didn’t take him long to head over to an old favourite, Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt.

Those cascading reels were calling and he knew he could get some decent big wins out of the Spanish explorer. And though he got lucky a few times, bringing up his overall budget back up to £1,251… he didn’t feel he was getting anywhere.

So he skipped over to Play’n Go’s charming Enchanted Meadows. Don’t judge, it’s a fun slot and if you haven’t tried it you should. Those fairies might look pretty, but their gold certainly does not disappear in the morning. Plus it allowed him to keep playing for another half hour and keeping his budget steady.

Move over slots, mobile video poker will solve it all

Clearly though, his slot luck had cooled down. He was still up from his £200 deposit, but he wasn’t ready to call it quits. So he decided that a change was needed. Video Poker’s the name and Video Poker was the game.

Looking to Play Video Poker

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Two machines caught his interest, first Microgaming’s Bonus Deuce Wild, which didn’t do much to improve his mood and then Double Double Bonus Poker machine. Which did.

Betting the max amount of coins and bet, he was losing £25 a hand quickly. He rubbed his sweat off his brow and carried on, determined to see a return on this game. Which actually paid off beautifully when he got 4 of a kind with Aces and he won £4,000.

The relief rolled off him in waves. His bank balance at this point? £4,342. Yeah, he was that close to having played out all his winnings.

But it was a NetEnt slot that saved the day

You’d be right in thinking that none of these amounts quite match the £33,000 of the title. That’s because, despite an incredible run of guts and choice games, Paul wasn’t done for the evening.

He could have walked away. We would have. That’s a lot of highs and lows for one evening. Practically a workout in blood pressure.

But then Paul wouldn’t be part of our big winner story extravaganza. Instead he’d just be a smart gambler who walked away to live another day. But hero’s are born of guts and (sometimes) slightly ridiculous decisions.

He started playing on Jack Hammer 2, continuing on his lucky £25 a spin that got him here, he watched as those sticky symbols lined up during the free spins and got him an impressive £6100 on top.

Paul was flying. This was it, this was his streak, with wins topping his balance at every turn. But he knew that the original Jack Hammer game had a bigger in-game max win, so he swapped and increased his bet to £50 a spin. If Lady Luck was sitting by his side, he would milk the moment for what it was worth.

It didn’t take long for his gamble to pay off when he won £22,000 in one spin!

Video Slots Casino accepts:


Cashout is usually within 2 hours.

Emotionally exhilarated and exhausted, he played his balance down to a round £33,000 and pressed the cashout button.

What. A. Night.

A happy winner at a happy casino

Video Slot casino were thrilled to contact our happy player and ensured he got his winnings as quickly as possible. There is no statement of what Paul will do with his winnings, but considering his gutsy game playing, possibly buy an airplane and sky dive into a volcano.

That’s our guess anyway. Congrats Paul on a brilliant casino game night.

Do you have what it takes to play the odds, choose your mobile games and get on our big winners stories?

It could be the start of your lucky streak.

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