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Online Mobile Roulette Terms & Glossary

Online Mobile Roulette Terms & Glossary

Know your split to your straight up bets

Learn the basic Roulette terms

If you are new to online and mobile Roulette, there is a whole world of terms that can lead people to walk away. But stick around and you’ll see it’s not half as complicated as it sounds.

Get to know your Roulette betting terms better
Get to know your Roulette betting terms better

It’s usually best before you start playing mobile roulette online to have an idea of what the different bets mean. As such we’ve created a quick, at a glance, guide to some of terms you’ll come across when playing roulette, so you can understand them in plain English.

Glossary of Online & Mobile Roulette Terms

Betting: There are 9 different way to place a roulette bet. Each bet covers a difference set of numbers and has different odds.

Column Bet: Opposite from the dozen bet, on the long side of the roulette table you’ll see it has been split into three, allowing you to bet on 12 numbers at a time. So you can either bet on numbers 1 to 12 (marked on the table as 1st 12), 13 to 24 (2nd 12), 25 to 36 (3rd 12).

Corner bet: One chip wagered on four adjacent numbers. As the name suggest, place your chip in the corner of where the four numbers meet.

Dozen Bet: Can you see how on the short side of the roulette tables there are three boxes marked “2 to 1”? By placing your chips in one of these boxes, you mark all twelve number above it, excluding the 0.

Even/Odd: Betting whether the number on the wheel will be even or odd. A safe bet and with odds of 1 to 1.

Want to know the exact odds for each of these bets?

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First Four Bet: When you bet on numbers 0, 1, 2 & 3. Here you’ll place the chips in the outer right boundary line of the roulette table, between 0 and 3.

Hamburg Variant: Unlike in Standard European Single Zero Roulette (click here for the different types), in the Hamburg variant, if the ball lands on 0, half of any bet places on even/odd, red/black and low/high will be returned to you. So bets whose odds are 1 to 1.

Inside Bets: Bets made on numbers or on the lines between numbers on the internal area of the table. These are: Straight Up, Split, Street, Corner and Line bets.

Jeux Zero (Zero Spiel):  Also known as zero spiel, or translated as Zero game, this is a smaller bet variant from ‘Voisin du Zero’. These are literally the 6 numbers closest to the zero, including the zero. The numbers are as follows: 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15 and are placed as split bets.

Line Bet (Six Line): This is basically 2 street bets adjacent to each other and can be known as a line bet or a six line bet. Here you are betting on six different numbers in two rows of three numbers; so 1, 2, 3 & 4, 5, 6. Place the roulette chips on the right boundary line of the table, where it is intersected by the line dividing the two rows.

Low/High: Simple enough, whether it falls in the first 18 numbers of the table or the last 18 numbers.  Another safe bet and with odds of 1 to 1.

Orphelins: These are the numbers on the roulette wheel that sit on their own and outside of the ‘Tiers du Cylindre’ and ‘Voisins du Zero’. Hence their strange and wonderful name of ‘orphans’. They contain a total of eight numbers: 17,34,6, 1,20,14,31,9.

Outside Bet: These are bets placed on the area outside of the table and represents more specific groups of numbers. These include: Column, Dozen, Red/Black, Even/Odd and Low/High.

Red/Black: Betting whether the number will be red or black. This is one of the ‘safe bets’ as the odds are 1 to 1.

Split Bet: A chip can we wagered on two adjacent numbers. You’ll have to place the chip on the line dividing the two numbers.

Straight Up: One chip, one number. Simplest bet you can make, also the one with the highest risk, but the highest payout.

Street bet: One chip, tree adjacent numbers. Place the chip on the outer right boundary line of the roulette table, next to the corresponding row of three numbers.

Tier du Cylindre (Serie 5/8): Translated as ‘thirds of the wheel’. This is the name for the twelve numbers which lie on the opposite side of the wheel between 27 and 33 (included). This can also be called ‘small series’ or ‘series 5/8’. Again these bets are made on split bets.

Voisin du Zero (Serie 0/2/3): Literally translated as the neighbours of the Zero, these are the 9 numbers the left of the zero, and the 7 numbers to the right. Add the Zero and you are betting on 17 numbers at once, but as split bets. You’ll find this bet on selected tables on the top.

We recommend you bookmark this page for when you feel slightly like you need a reminder of the kind of bets available to you. We recommend you read about our mobile roulette games you can play on your mobile.

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