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Love Blackjack? Love Good Canadian Casinos? Listen Up

May 8th, 2018 by LuckyMobileCasinos | Follow us on Twitter Here

Guts casino are celebrating spring and the coming of summer by giving you extra wins for winning on Live Blackjack games every wednesday.

Win Up To An Extra CA$140 At Gut Canadian Casino Playing Blackjack
Win Up To An Extra CA$140 At Gut Canadian Casino Playing Blackjack

With the sunshine finally starting to thaw the ground, it’s time to enjoy some cocktails and sit our ass down at Guts casino on a Wednesday.

Not just because they are a great Canadian mobile casino but because every week they will be giving you extra cash for winning on some of the best Blackjack games online.

All you have to do is play. Nothing more and nothing less.

Win an extra $50 for getting a blackjack hand

And we say extra because this is on top of whatever you win for hitting blackjacks.

The way this works is simple. Every Wednesday from the 9th of May to the 25th of July, winning with a blackjack hand will get your extra money.

That’s pretty much it. You have to play on live casino blackjack games by Evolution Gaming.

How much can I win? How many Blackjacks have you got?

A single Blackjack will get you a win as normal, and nothing else.

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But get more Blackjacks in a row and then the cash comes rolling in:

  • 2 Blackjacks in a row: get $20 extra
  • 3 Blackjacks in a row: get $30 extra
  • 4 Blackjacks in a row: get $40 extra
  • 5 Blackjacks in a row: get $50 extra

So yeah, technically you could win an extra $140 for just winning at Blackjack if you are really really lucky.

You can only win one amount, once

This is pretty mechanics, but lots of people get confused, so let’s clarify just to be sure no one ends up disappointed.

If you get 2 blackjacks in a row 10 times whilst playing over the course of an hour you still only win $20.

You don’t win $200, because each of the prizes above can only be won once. That’s why we said that you can only win a total of $140 every Wednesday.

And it is every Wednesday you come back to play in May, June and July. So that ain’t bad.

Are the live blackjack table games any good?

The easiest way to find the live blackjack table games will be to go to the promotion page and click on the link to the game.

Reasons To Play At Guts Casino

  • Deposit, play and withdraw in CAD$
  • Cahour in 2 hours or less
  • Free Spins With No Wagering
  • Easy To Use Mobile Casino
  • Great Selection of Games

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That said, because you are playing at the Guts Canada casino, there’s a good chance that most of the blackjack games you can see in the live casino tab will be open for this promotion.

That’s because Guts have only two live casino suppliers: the brilliant Evolution Gaming and then there is NetEnt… who doesn’t operate in Canada.

Guess which tables YOU get to play on?

That’s ok though, Evolution clearly creates the better casino tables as they specialize in live gambling games, so you’ll have an awesome time playing.

All the winnings come with no wagering requirements

Guts mobile casino is one of those gambling sites that keep’s it simple and clear.

For example, you can only use real money casino bets to get those Blackjack hands. But you also only win real money, and not bonus money.

So you won’t have to clear any wagering requirements if you do manage to get a little extra on top.

They also never have any wagering on any free spin bonuses they give out, as they don’t believe in penalising you for winnings.

They are one of the fairest and best casinos online.

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What qualifies as a Blackjack hand?

We are hoping that, having read the title of this piece, that you were two things:

  1. A lover of Blackjack
  2. From Canada

Those are the two qualities Guts are looking for, because no one else but their Canadian casino players get to participate.

However, if we have to explain the rules of blackjack to you, then this might not be the promotion for you.

By all means, play at Guts casino as they are brilliant gambling site that caters for all… but maybe play a few hands of 21 with your friends first before you throw yourself into some live casino bets.

You only get the cash if you win with 21

That’s a solid win against the dealer, not a blackjack push or draw. Simple enough.

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18+ New customers only. Wagering and Full T&Cs apply.

If you split your cards and get two blackjack hands of 21, then that still only counts as one of your two wins in a row because… computers.

Guts haven’t said so but, essentially, they can only keep tracks of wins and hands, and this counts as one win and one hand.

How easy is it to get several blackjacks in a row?

Look, if it was that easy then Guts casino wouldn’t be giving away real money cash prizes to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

But look at it another way: you get cash for winning.

Ok, granted, that’s what winning MEANS, but what we really mean is that you win extra for winning.

How crazy happy would you be if you got 5 blackjacks in a row? And then found out that you get an extra 50 bucks on top of your already great win?

That’s brilliant, we don’t care how hard it is to get. And, anyone who’s played Blackjack for a while knows that getting two or three blackjacks in a row isn’t impossible.

It’s rare. But it happens. That’s why Blackjack is such an excellent game to play and why you should go talk to your dealer at Guts casino.

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