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What Type Of Casino Player Are You?

July 1st, 2019 by LuckyMobileCasinos

Do you love playing on your phone or are you more of a social butterfly? Take a look and see what kind of player you are and the dangers and pros of fitting into these categories.

Online Casino Player Types, Which Are You?
Online Casino Player Types, Which Are You?

Online casino games are one of the most popular ways that individuals choose to pass their time.

There are many different types of players that we’ve come across, and for fun, we’ve put together a list of the most common types. Because life is no fun if you can’t put people in little boxes.

This list is made for fun and often depends on the risk the players can handle, and the time they want to spend gambling.

So where do you fit in the spectrum? Wonder no more, because here’s our list of the different types of casino players.

The Newbie

Although this may seem like a very obvious category, these types of players are one of the most common and there are often many online at one time.

It’s why we write our casino insights and blog as well as our gambling game guides – to help those starting out to get an idea of what they will expect.

Although they don’t understand exactly how to play, the newbie is always very comfortable in figuring it out in their own time.

This is often only one type of newbie, as some of them try to make it look like they understand the rules even though they don’t need to.

Casinos are full of newbies so feel free to ask any last minute questions in the live chat after you’ve done your research. That’s what they are there for. Find a casino with 24-hour customer services like Vera and John casino.

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The Experienced Player

These players often brag about the fact that they know every trick in the book, understanding exactly how each game works.

If the casino makes a mistake, they will take great pleasure in making it known to the entire live chat and every gambling forum, showing you how the game is ‘supposed’ to be played or how the casino should have behaved.

Although these players may be frustrating, they are often the best person to play with on live casino table games, as they understand the online casino and the games more than anyone else.

The problem with being an experienced player is that you can get stuck in a rut, always playing the same slots or same blackjack table, because you’ve had a good experience there before.

Remember to mix it up. Try new games. And keep things in perspective – when was the last time your old favourite actually paid out big and was it just a lucky one-off?

Experience players should find casinos with good VIP programs who give you fair offers tailored to you. Our choice? Guts casino.

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The Compulsive Player

Some casino players do have an addictive personality and may struggle to cope with bad bets, odds or turnouts. They need to ensure to make sensible decisions when possible to ensure a worthwhile gaming experience.

If you do believe you are becoming a dangerously compulsive player, it could lead to an unhealthy obsession with serious consequences.

To overcome your gambling problems, you’ll also need to address these and any other underlying causes as well.

If it stops being fun, stop playing. That’s the best (and really only) rule of gambling you should listen to.

Compulsive players shouldn’t gamble. If you’ve had problems stopping yourself from doing things, even if it’s spending too much playing social games like Candy Crush, spending more than you should, or alcohol or anything like it… walk away.

The Social Player

Social players are often known to enjoy playing online casino games in a casual fashion, being eager to learn and are less likely to make rash decisions.

These players are often one of the largest groups and provide a good buzz of energy and entertainment when games get too serious.

Social players will probably be more drawn to playing Bingo, Poker or live Casino games, thriving in an environment where they can interact with others.

They might then move on to playing slot machines at online casinos from time to time, but will generally be loyal to their online communities.

The Casual Player

Casual gamblers dip their toe in and out of the casino waters whenever they fancy a little thrill.

If you are a casual gambler, you probably only gamble once a week or every other week, maybe on a Friday or Saturday night as an alternative to Netflix or going out to the pub.

The dangers of being a casual gambler are that you don’t take the time to learn how the games work because you don’t have the time or the will. It may lead to you burning through your budget faster than you might like.

The bright side is that you are not stuck with playing on just one type of game and are willing to explore all sorts of different games to get that gambling thrill.

If you don’t quite know where to start, read our new games post where we highlight some of the best games as they come out. Go back a couple of months and see if there’s not something tempting in these new slot game lists.

It doesn’t require a whole load of effort but might save you a whole load of money and disappointment. If you want somewhere easy and fun to play, our advice is go somewhere where playing feels like a game, such as Casumo.

Explore Casumo Casino »

The Smartphone Enthusiast

These are our people, in case the name of our website Lucky MOBILE Casinos didn’t give us away.

Thanks to software and hardware improvements over the last decade, there are so many online casino games available for you to play on mobile phones, iPads and Android Tablets.

These individuals have the freedom to play whenever or wherever they like, having fun on the go. But, by that same logic, people assume you tend to play shorter gaming session.

Whilst on a laptop, you may sit down and play for hours, on a smartphone you may open up the casino for just 5 minutes while you wait for your friend to arrive, are sitting on the porcelain throne, or commuting to and from work.

And whilst that may be true, it’s also true that nowadays the iPhone and Android casino phone enthusiast can sit down and play for hours because we love that little piece of technology in our hands. And who uses a laptop other than for work anyway?

These smartphone casino players always feel part of the action, which makes everything even more entertaining (in our opinion). You want fast games, with no downloads, and an easy platform to navigate. Our choice? Leo Vegas casino.

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