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Mobile Gambling: More Than Your Mobile Phone

February 12th, 2014 by LuckyMobileCasinos

When people think about mobile casinos they think of playing online casino on their mobile phones. That’s just logical. However, we’ve seen some interesting devices lately that say that we are thinking too small… there are many options for you out there outside of your handset.

Mobile Gambling: Gamble Anywhere - Smart TV, Watch or Handheld Console
Mobile Gambling: Gamble Anywhere - Smart TV, Watch or Handheld Console

Mobile gambling online means one thing: being able to play casino games on any device, no matter where you are.

But just as many were getting use to the idea that your mobile phone is now so much more than just a way to communicate with mum every Sunday, so technology companies are moving forward and finding new ways to entertain and help you play casino slots and games on the move.

We look at the value of these alternative devices like Smart Watches, Smart TV’s, Gaming Consoles and Tablets below.

The strange devices you can play mobile casino games on

You may not know it, but the world is full of wonderful items that you can play mobile slots and games on. Far more than your laptop, desktop or even smartphone, we’ve created a list of tecnological devices that have caught our eye.

1. Smart Watches

If you’ve heard of these types of watches then you are one of the few trendsetters out there. If you haven’t don’t worry, neither had we until a few weeks ago. It’s what started this whole blog piece as we saw someone we knew playing a Microgaming casino slot on their brand new watch.

Slots. On. Their. Watch.

We ooohed and aaahed and found that companies like Apple, Samsung and Sony had been finding ways of making the wrist watch popular again. These are basically mini computer watches that connect to your Android phone and allow you to use your watch as a smaller version of your mobile device.

Want to answer a call but your phone is in the other room? No problem. Want to add a purchase to your budget app but can’t be bothered to take your phone out of your pocket? Just find it on your wrist again.

Want to place a few spins on the mobile roulette table at your favourite casino? You guessed it.

Good examples of smart watches?

  • Samsung SM-V700 Galaxy Gear Smart Watch
  • Sony Universal 2

We tried it, and we have to admit; it wasn’t the easiest experience in the world. The screen is small and even small children may find themselves with fat fingers syndrome. It’s certainly more suited for slots as it’s basically only one button or swipe to spin. Blackjack was ok, but roulette was brain numbingly frustrating.

Still, can you imagine? Bored in a meeting, you can simply look at your watch as if checking out the time and press spin. Be careful though, stay on your watch for too long and the boss might think you’re having problems reading the time, you dim witted fool.

2. Smart TV’s

Don’t worry, this TV won’t be able to see you picking your nose or sitting in your underwear, but it will be able to connect to the internet. The words you are looking for here when you make this delicious purchase is ‘HD Ready’ and ‘with WiFi’.

Good examples of Smart TV’s?

  • Samsung 32-inch Widescreen HD Ready Slim Smart LED TV with Built-In Wi-Fi
  • LG 42-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Smart LED TV with Built-In Wi-Fi/Freeview HD

This is essentially just a massive computer screen (unless, of course, your computer screen happens to be bigger than your TV, in which case, kudos to you). As such, just as you are able to browse thousands of cat videos and view them in crystal clear HD, so too you’ll be able to log in to your favourite online casino and play all your favourite slots and casino games to your heart’s content.

This entry is a little cheat, as technically it’s not hugely mobile and every game available on your TV will be the ones available on your desktop or laptop. Also, many of the games will be optimised for much smaller screen sizes, so even though you have a larger screen, the games may be the same size as in your laptop.

But some will be gloriously, wonderfully, in 42 inch HD and with surround sound to entertain. Now that’s gambling in style.

Don’t want to buy a new TV? There’s a solution

Don’t have a couple of hundred spare to replace your TV, but might be able to spare a couple of tens? You can get WiFi boxes that connect to your TV. So instead of getting a TV with ‘built in’ WiFi, you are basically adding the WiFi to your TV, with the little help of a few cables.

Good examples of WiFi boxes?

  • Android TV Box Media Player
  • Samsung Smart TV Wireless Dongle
  • Apple TV for HD content and AirPlay

The advantage? Well, it’s less expensive for one. For two, you have far more choice, meaning you are likely to find one that fits the model of your TV. Finally, for people with iPads and iPhones, you have a device just for you that allows you to connect your mobile device of choice straight to your TV.

3. Gaming Consoles

It’s not just shooting zombies and saving mushroom obsessed princesses; games consoles can give you a whole new aspect to ‘gaming’ as soon as you connect them online. These basically work very similarly to Apple TV’s and wireless dongles; once you are connected to the internet, your TV becomes a large screen to play any of your favourite gambling casino games.

But, to bring the ‘mobile’ back to this article, we are not just talking Playstation’s and Xbox’s. They have that functionality sure, but so do many of the handheld gaming consoles that you can pack in your bag and roam. Not everyone has a tablet, and the great news about these is that many are flash enabled. So unlike your mobile phone where you can only get HTML5 casino games (a small selection), on your handheld you open up a whole world of gaming possibilities. It’s like taking your online casino in your pocket… with every single game. No exception.

Good examples of gaming consoles?

  • Sony PlayStation Vita (Wi-Fi + 3G)
  • Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4)
  • Xbox One Console

Plus, let’s not forget that the screens on these tend to be larger as their whole purpose in life is to bring games alive in the palm of your hand. And when it comes to entertainment, we sure love a bit of mobile casino play. Just make sure that when you buy these devices, you pick the ones that have ‘WiFi’ enabled.

Otherwise it’s just a great present for your kids / nephews / nieces.

So far, the only decent and reliable one we’ve found is the Playstation Vita. There may be others out there, but none we would feel comfortable recommending without buying them ourselves and testing it.

4. Tablets

Why do we have tablets here as ‘strange’ devices? Because, frankly, we get the question “so… can I play the casinos you feature on Lucky Mobile Casinos on my iPad / Google Nexus 7 / Samsung Note?” far more often than we care to admit.

Reason being, we suppose, Tablets are still fairly new and essentially nothing more than very large phones, without the ability to actually make phone calls. As such, they have the same technological restrictions, which mean that many online casinos will not play all that nicely, or even at all, on your tablet. People often forget this, thinking that tablets are in fact small laptops, but it’s very much the other way around.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the iPad (whether mini, slim or standard) win’s the tablet race as being the easiest device to play mobile casino on. 99% of mobile casinos will make sure their mobile casino site works beautifully as an iPad casino before all else. Despite the fact that actually more people now own Android tablets than iPads.

That’s life and good PR for you.

The Future of Devices?

The watches were what really caught our attention. TV’s are big computer screens and gaming consoles are made for gaming, so gambling is only a couple of letters away.

What we quickly realised is that anything that can connect to the internet can essentially be used for placing a few bets. Projectors that hook up to your tablet which can allow you to put the slot on any blank wall, creating a house sized slot.

But it’s the smaller more portable devices that caught our attention. After all, the reason why we created Lucky Mobile Casinos is because, though there are so many online casinos that want to do mobile, so few do it well.

Online gambling on the go. Getting entertained as we sit through another god awful movie at home, waiting for a bus or sitting on the porcelain throne. We love that there is not a minute of the day where we cannot be amused.

Portable devices are key, and the next step which we are excited about is Google Glass and the other products around that.

Yes, Google Glasses are less than beautiful right now, but this is the first generation. Imagine walking along to your daily commute, and playing a few hands of mobile blackjack to pass the time. Sitting on the train as you put autospin on your favourite mobile slot.

Live mobile casino could be an entirely different experience, where you can literally be transported to a casino through your glasses without ever having to leave your house. Add 3D technology in there and the possibilities become mind-blowing.

The future of gadgets and mobile gambling is here.

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