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How To Play Lightning Baccarat Live Online

March 12th, 2020 by LuckyMobileCasinos

What is Lightning Baccarat, how do you play, and is the live version from Evolution Gaming worth gambling on? We take a look at all the insights.

How To Play Lightning Baccarat
How To Play Lightning Baccarat

If you’re into card games, you’ll know that many are a game of skill – for example, trying to outsmart the dealer in a game of blackjack.

For something a little less strategy-based, and arguably, more fun, we have lightning baccarat. The game is based predominantly on luck and is played between you and a dealer.

The dealer draws one to five cards from a deck, known as lightning cards. If these cards appear in your hand, then you beat the dealer, and your winnings are multiplied by how many of the cards you have in your hand.

What makes Lightning Baccarat Evolution different?

Brought to you by the folks at Evolution Gaming, Baccarat Evolution is what’s known as live baccarat.

It brings a whole new realm of reality to traditional online casino game because it features a human dealer. That’s right – you play via a live video stream against a real human player.

More authenticity, more psychology, and lots more fun than just playing Baccarat online.

How does Lightning Live Baccarat differ from normal baccarat?

You might have noticed the term ‘lightning’ cropping up a few times here. It is, indeed, a more fun version of the standard Baccarat card game. It’s what sets it apart from land-based games or normal baccarat online games thanks to its use of multipliers.

Evolution Gaming Lightning Baccarat Game
Evolution Gaming Lightning Baccarat Game

This gives the game a high payout value – in particular, there is a 20% ‘lightning fee’ added to each player’s total bet, which can be seen at all times as you play.

So, what’s the best way to win at Lightning Baccarat?

How to play Lightning Baccarat Live

One added feature for live baccarat is that players can see all live betting statistics in their user interface, which may help guide future bets.

Before a hand is dealt, each player can make a bet on him/herself, the banker, or a tie. They can also make ‘side bets’, just as we do in regular baccarat. As soon as the player makes a bet, the 20% lightning bonus is added straight away.

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The dealer will then draw one to five cards from a 52-card deck. If you, the player, have a card higher than the hand drawn by the dealer, then you will win if you’ve bet on yourself. Conversely, if you bet the dealer will have the higher card, then you win again. Again, you can also win if you bet a tie and get a tie.

You lose if the results are the opposite to what you’ve bet would happen. However, what makes Lightning Baccarat interesting are the multipliers.

How the multipliers work

If you’ve made a winning bet on you/the dealer/a tie, then one matching card equates to two times your bet. However, the more cards that match the hand, the bigger your multiplier will be.

For example, two match cards could be eight times your bet, and so on and so on.

Even better, if you get over a certain number of matching cards, your bonuses will be even bigger. For three lightning cards, for example, you could see 8x8x8 times your bet – equating to 512 times your original stake.

If you’ve bet on a tie and you get six matching lightning cards, your multiplier could be as high as 262,144 times your stake.

Your winnings can, in theory, keep going up and up, until you reach the online cap of €$£500,000 in wins.

Lightning Baccarat Live Casino Game
Lightning Baccarat Live Casino Game

Vital statistics

In terms of comparisons with other card-based casino games, Lightning Baccarat is very generous on the numbers. It has a Return to Player rate of 98%. This is a ratio for how much you’ll win back relative to your spend – for example, if you bet £10, you would win back £9.80, but this is only true over millions of bets.

As mentioned above, you could win up to more than 262,000 times your stake – and in some regions, where the capping rules are more relaxed, players have won up to $13 million.

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Live baccarat is available on mobile, tablet and desktop, and comes in a variety of different forms if you like to keep things interesting. For example, you could try Speed Baccarat, where you have to speedily predict which player’s hand will have a value closest to nine.

There are also strategic features like ‘roads’ – a roadmap showing you the live statistics of cards appearing, which may guide your predictions for future bets.

These can be difficult to interpret, so they’re best reserved for really serious gamers.

Try the live experience today

Lucky Mobile Casinos gives you direct access to the best gaming studios for live baccarat. The team at Evolution Gaming have spared no expense in making it an authentic experience, from 15 carefully positioned cameras to live dealers available around the clock.

Baccarat may be a game of chance, but if you’re a keen player, you may want to play with the statistics in mind.

Live baccarat gives you unlimited access to stats in real-time, allowing you to guide your strategy and watch those multipliers come rolling in. No doubling down, no going bust, just simple, heart-stopping action.

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