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Scratch4Emeralds Mobile Scratch Card Review

Scratch4Emeralds Mobile Scratch Card Logo

Available On: iOS Android

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About Scratch4Emeralds

The third in an exclusive series of mobile scratch cards at Sky Vegas Casino, Scratch4Emeralds doesn’t come cheap, but neither neither is the top prize.

Plus, Scratch4Emeralds scratch card also has a secret weapon which Scratch4Gold & Scratch4Rubies didn’t. No, we are not talking about the slightly better odds of winning, with a 1 in 2.79 chances of getting a prize.

A surprise multiplier

We are talking about the random multiplier that can appear at any point during any win. From what we’ve experienced, x3 is what you can expect 99% of the time, though we’ve heard rumours that more is possible.

Still, a 3x random multiplier is better than none. Plus it adds an extra dash of excitement as you see the Scratch4Emerald logo start turning and you hope you get an even bigger prize than whats showing on screen.

4 beautifully presented scratch card games

And the best feature is that you get to play four games, for four chances of winning. Only three of those games give you the top prize of 100,000 in cash, but playing is so smooth, it’s better than a real scratch card.

Yet, at £€5 a card, Sky Vegas casino hasn’t made it easy for everyone to play. And for that alone, we can’t give it a higher star rating, as cards like Winners Scratch give you the same jackpot amount for 3 a card.

Still, if you can afford, this and Scratch4Diamonds are two beautifully presented cards, and that multiplier certainly adds some spice to what is a pretty standard theme.


Scratch card overview

Game SoftwareProprietary Software
Min / Max Bet:5 / 5
Max Win:20,000x your bet
2nd Highest Win:10,000x your bet
House Edge:7.97%
Jackpot Amount:100,000
How to Win:2x Match 3 to win + 2x Reveal a 4 to win




It played beautifully on all the devices we tested, and we particularly loved the music and details in the animation that made Scratch4Emeralds more than your standard scratchie.

Sure we wish it was a tad more affordable, but that’s why you have Scratch4Rubies.

The multiplier is the ace in the pack though and why you pay extra for this card, as just when you think you’re ahead, the safe turns and out spills a multitude of beautiful shining emerald wins.

Are you ready to play?

Available On: iOS Android

Review by Lucky Mobile Casinos, Last updated: December 28, 2014

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