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Playtech Casinos 2021

Why Play Playtech Games On Mobile?

Playtech casinos online have only one mission: ensure players are unable to tell if they are playing on a mobile casino game or the online version.

Playtech Casino Software Provider
Playtech Casino Software Provider

They have been around for a while. One of the oldest software gaming companies around, they have made their way to the top of the casino software food-chain by providing some of the biggest and best slots and games in the industry.

Mobile is no exception, with one of the few softwares providing Live Casino Games on tablets and mobile and their games losing nothing in translation from desktop to smaller handheld screens.

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Playtech Casino Software Overview

Playtech sites provide the full package. Poker, slots, lottery, bingo, sport, casino, social games… you name it, they have a finger in all the online gambling pies.

This isn’t because they are trying to take over the world (though it may be an incentive), but we suspect that after having been around for such a long time and have grown so big, it’s simply a good way to pass the time.

Mobile casino games is an area that has been a focus, but the Playtech software is not as prolific as the likes of NextGen Gaming or Microgaming games in putting out new real money mobile releases every month.

Instead they will simply bring out a new slot or scratch card every couple of months, sneaking them into the night without much pomp and circumstance.

Playtech Slots and Games Screenshots

We will open up the Playtech mobile casino and… hey! New mobile game! When did that show up?

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With hundreds of games there’s lots too choose from including big brand names like American Dad, Justice League and Man of Steel Claim My Bonus »T&Cs Apply

The reason why it always takes us by surprise is simply that this online gambling companies games do work beautifully on mobile casinos. We think that they should be proud of their work. We shouldn’t care that they don’t release them often, when the quality of the work is superior to so many gambling software out there.

However, with each release, we feel that Playtech just wakes up every once in a while and goes “Oh damn! We haven’t released something on mobile in a while. Hey you, minion! Have a look at our back catalogue will you? Find a popular game and just put it out there. Make it so.

Whether video slots, blackjack, roulette or baccarat, Playtech mobile casino games look and feel identical, whether you are playing on your mobile, your laptop or desktop.

But where at the new releases? Where are the big exciting mobile slots we hear about? Perhaps in a few months when they remember that they need to put a new mobile release on the table. And with hundreds of casinos games at their disposal, they could easily be one of the best mobile software casinos around, if only they kept up with the mobile game releases.

That said, they do provide Live Casino games for both mobile and tablets and were one of the first to do it. If there is one thing that Playtech casinos understand it’s that the mobile player doesn’t want the simplified casino games or slots. We want to feel like we are playing on a real online casino, but just on a smaller screen. The live games are testimony to this, providing this function for all Playtech Android casinos or iPhone/iPad casinos.

Best Playtech Mobile Casino Games

  1. Live Roulette
  2. Superman The Movie
  3. Gold Rally Jackpot Slot
  4. Pink Panther Scratch Card
  5. Live Baccarat

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We know we sound like we are mostly complaining, but we are not really. You have to understand that when you see a Playtech mobile casino, chances are, their games are set apart from the rest. Their casino games are rarely mixed in with their competitors as they ask for exclusivity. This is fine online where they provide a huge range of video slots and casino games, but on mobile, with a smaller choice, we think they should either catch up or allow for other slots and games to be mixed in with the rest.

Variety is the spice of life after all.

On that note, did we just mention the big brand names? And the big jackpots? No? Well we should. One of the reasons why Playtech have managed to make such a name for themselves is by creating slots games with some of the biggest brands around. From Marvel, with top slot games based on the recent movie releases, to the names that bring nostalgia to our gaming hearts, such as Rocky, Pink Panther and Frankie Dettori.

What they’ve learnt over the years is to create slot machines that keep you playing – and not just by using brands to bring you in. Mobile slots such as Great Blue, Mr Cashback and A Night Out are some of gamblers’ favourites worldwide. The popularity of mobile Playtech casino games also means that their progressive jackpots can afford to go into the millions, and they are one of the few mobile jackpots that do. Gold Rally and Beach life rarely hit on less than 3 million in cash and happens to be good fun to play, if you have the bank roll to play them.

Playtech slots are some of our favourites and we could easily play them well into the night. Perhaps our complaint simply comes from wanting to have more of them available on our mobile, as it seems our tablet is the only device we have time to play on these days. Because Playtech are one of the best and most innovative casino software providers around, whether online or mobile. It’s worth checking out the Playtech casino list below, just so you can set the standard of what you should expect from a great mobile slot. And then cross your fingers that next time you open your Playtech mobile casino, you’ll see a brand new game on the screen.


  • Casino games look and feel the same online as on mobile
  • Playtech Live Casino available for tablet and mobile players
  • Some of the biggest and best slots games in the industry
  • Huge progressive jackpots
  • Good range of casino games
  • One of the best selection of mobile scratch cards


  • You’ll need the latest software version on your device to maximise gameplay
  • You’ll find Playtech mobile games only with other Playtech games. Rarely mixed with other software.
  • New releases take a while to come out as iPad, iPhone and Android
  • Not a huge selection of table games on mobile
  • Not a long list of casinos with Playtech games

Playtech Mobile Casinos

List of all the mobile casinos offering Playtech mobile slots & games

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