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Is Casumo Casino Making It’s Own Slot Games?

June 22nd, 2014 by LuckyMobileCasinos

Strange to believe but it appears to be true: Casumo Casino has started producing and creating their own slot games. What are they like and what can we expect?

New Slots from Casumo? Is it Really True?
New Slots from Casumo? Is it Really True?

Not many casinos create games. That’s why you have casino games software companies such as IGT and Microgaming making games for the casinos. You plug in the ones you like best and voila! As a general rule, one handles players and the other handles games. One’s the Chef, the other is the Maître d’.

Their are exceptions of course.

So here is where Casumo Casino appears to be doing something a little different.

No longer just a NetEnt Casino?

So how did we hear of this? Well, a little bit of luck actually. We don’t think Casumo is openly putting their games out there, still very much in the testing ‘let’s see what kind of reception we will get’ phase.

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As such they have only released one of what we believe to be 8 casino games they’ve created.

The reason we noticed is that we got an email through, as players, about a brand new game called Esqueleto Explosivo! We didn’t really think about it much and kept working, but something kept nagging us at the back of our brains.

It’s a new game. It’s not even mobile. There’s nothing we could write about it. We see lots of new online slots and games everyday that we can’t write about.

So why, oh why, did this one keep bothering us? What makes this one any different?

Wait… That’s not a NetEnt slot.

We are pretty hot on the new NetEnt releases and with Casumo being an ONLY NetEnt casino, our brain was trying to wake us up to the fact that something big was happening here.

We know what’s going to be released a few months in advance with this provider. Esqueleto Explosivo was not on the list. So we eagerly went to see what was what, even if the new provider wasn’t mobile. After all, they might make the games mobile in the future right? Always good to keep the finger on the casino pulse.

Casumo’s new software is… Casumo

So we didn’t recognise the game. Great. Likely to be a two bit Eastern European slot peddler somewhere. We expected better from Casumo mobile casino.

But thank-fully they didn’t disappoint us after all. Esqueleto Explosivo loaded quickly and it was hilarious! Explosive singing mariachi skeletons called The Boners? Most excellent! I don’t know if they made that joke on purpose but it brought a smile to our face. If you don’t know what a boner is then… euh… sorry?

Casumo’s full explanation of the game: “Ay Ay Ay. Enrico Mortis and his mariachi band The Boners celebrate The Day Of The Dead. Get in the mood with Mucho Multipliers, Explosivo Wilds and 17 paylines. The atmospheric tones from the street musicians will make this a magic night to remember.”

Don’t get us wrong, the slot isn’t unique or ground-breaking. But fun, simple, and easy to play, which is not a bad achievement for a first time slot release. Even the first NetEnt game ever was pretty naff, so this is already a strong start.

What can we expect in future?

Esqueleto Explosivo is not a mobile slot. So we suspect even if they add more of their own creations to the fold, it won’t be mobile for a while.

How do we know there is more to come? Because we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t dig, dig and keep digging. And so we discovered Thunderkick.

What is Thunderkick you say? Good question.

We have no idea. All you get from this page is the Casumo dude, the Casumo company address and 8 games on display to try out in free play mode. We assume it’s the software equivalent of a holding page with ‘more about us’ coming soon.

Release the best first and then the rest will come?

As you can see, Casumo isn’t quite ready to launch it’s games for anyone else other than Casumo. We’ve played all the games, and whilst there are some fun concepts in all of them, there is no doubt that Esqueleto Explosivo is the best of the bunch.

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They are all video slots so far and fairly low variance at that. So clearly Casumo is playing it safe with the safe game. It means that they need to increase the entertainment factor before they release the rest on their platform. Yet some of them, we suspect, could be ready, with some big multipliers in the reels and a couple of new concepts.

The graphics, as you would expect from this provider, is all pastel colours and cute graphics. No dark or heavy theme here. But at least they are well thought out and some are even downright funny; like the exploding birds. Although clearly anything cute and exploding is the highlight of our funny bone, so that may be just us.

Is Casumo the next NetEnt?

Wow, wow, wow… hold your horsy mister. Just because Casumo has put some thought into their slot games doesn’t make them the next big thing.

Ultimately their games are fairly simplistic and some are downright boring. But not all games can be a Starburst, sometimes you have to create a few Muse type slots too. Don’t know Muse? There you go then.

But they certainly seem to be heading in the right general direction. We thoroughly recommend you go try Esqueleto Explosivo for yourself at Casumo online casino. They have free spins as a welcome bonus and monthly free spin surprises for all loyal players as an extra incentive.

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