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Waiting At The Airport? Copy Niklas And Win €32,000 Playing Video Slots

August 13th, 2015 by LuckyMobileCasinos

Niklas could never have imagined that a few quick spins at the airport would have landed him enough to cover the whole holiday, and the bills for the next year. All it took was one lucky spin.

Greedy Goblins Slot Pays Out Big For One Lucky Winner
Greedy Goblins Slot Pays Out Big For One Lucky Winner

It’s mid August in 2015. We are well aware that most people either have been, or are on their way, to some beautiful exotic location.

Some of us have to make do with a sea-side trip to Brighton.

Non-UK folk: yes, that would be the English coastline. It’s about as exotic as it sounds. Highlights include 20 year old penny arcades, and pebbles in places where pebbles should never venture.

But whatever, we’re not jealous folk.

Except when some lucky bastard on his way to a romantic vacation to Turkey, then wins €32 thousand (£23,000 / $35,000) at Vera and John casino, because he got… bored.

Bored on his way to a holiday.

We are going to try and be as good natured as we can be about this, but we make no promises.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t a jackpot slot win

Why surprising? Because Niklas was playing on the Betsoft jackpot slot Greedy Goblins.

Which usually shows up in our big casino winner stories because someone hit that progressive prize.

How many slot games?

Vera & John currently have 15 different game providers, including WMS, Microgaming, NetEnt, Bally, NextGen, Aristocrat and so many more…

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But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Let’s go back to our… friend…  and his lovely wife, waiting at their airport.

Killing time meant… killing goblins?

In Niklas defence, whilst most of us would think that going to a romantic location with the love of your life should be distracting enough, this was the second flight they were waiting for.

They couldn’t fly directly to Turkey, so they were at a connecting airport, waiting for their plane to arrive.

Maybe the wife was there, reading a book, playing a game on her iPad, or perhaps she’d decided to leave him to his anti-social behaviour and gone browsing in the nearby shops.

What we do know is that Niklas wife didn’t realise he was playing casino slots till he showed her the winning screenshot.

A long term player at Vera & John casino

Niklas had had an account with Vera & John for a while now. He was no newbie to the hundreds and hundreds of games.

What he had was leftover cash from a previous gambling session, which he hadn’t withdrawn for exactly this reason – so he would have some real money to play whilst on his travels.

We should point out that it’s just as well he started playing before he got to Turkey. Online gambling is highly illegal over there. Like “throw you in jail and spend all your winnings to pay the fine” illegal.

Ha. That would have been hilarious!

We mean no. Bad. Always check the gambling restrictions for where you travel folks. Cough.

We break this story for a short commercial break…

Theoretically though, if he hadn’t been new to this casino gambling site, he might have enjoyed our exclusive Vera & John offer of:

But we think Niklas is lucky enough, without also getting the benefit of our awesome exclusive casino bonus.

That’s more for your benefit, in case you were interested.

Who? Us? Bitter? …

Key Stats about Vera&John:

  • 24 hour cashouts
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Multiple currencies (including GBP, EUR, KR)
  • Licensed in the UK and Malta
  • In our top 3 mobile casinos list

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Now back to the 32 year old restaurant manager

Strange as it might seem, Niklas favourite game wasn’t a NetEnt slot.

We say strange, as with a name like Niklas, our gentleman friend here had to have been from somewhere in Scandinavia. Vera & John didn’t confirm but… come on.

That name shouts blue eyes, H&M, perfectly manicured hair, and a trendy scarf of some kind.

And everyone knows that NetEnt is the darling of the Scandinavian players.

Still, Niklas breaks the mould. He was straight on playing on his favourite mobile casino game of all time; Greedy Goblins.

Two big wins in a couple of spins is all it took

He might have wanted to kill his boredom, but at most he would have had entertainment for maybe 10 minutes, and then the first big win hit.

He won an incredible €21,910 in a single spin! But his luck didn’t end there.

Reeling in shock, and not able to talk to his wife because the love had died in their marriage, he decided to up his bet and keep spinning.

He rarely bet really big amounts, maybe 1 or 2 in cash at a time.

But being able to suddenly bet far more was a huge thrill for him… though again, not for long, as another huge win of almost €11,000 landed in only a few more spins.

Now his head is spinning too

Vera & John casino managed to get hold of the lucky couple when they landed in Turkey, and honestly, didn’t manage to get much out of our big winner.

Simply because the win simply doesn’t seem real yet – not until he clicks withdrawal once he gets home from holiday and sees that cash in his wallet.

Oh yeah, did we mention many online gambling sites are blocked in Turkey… Boo hoo to our little winner laying by the hot Aegean sea, toes in the sand, sipping pina coladas, day dreaming of everything he is going to do with his money, hey?

Maybe a bump up to First Class is in order though?

For the rest of us sitting at home, there’s always many more mobile jackpot slots to try at Vera & John. Mauritius here we come…

Because if you are going to dream, might as well dream big.

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