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Scratch for a Perfect Match & A Free Mobile Scratch Card This Valentine’s

February 10th, 2015 by LuckyMobileCasinos

Sky Vegas mobile casino think that you’ll find your perfect match this Valentine’s day by scratching their… scratch cards. It was definitely scratch cards, we double checked.

Win up to 250,000 Plus a Free ScratchCard
Win up to 250,000 Plus a Free ScratchCard

Love is in the air, and with it, a Sky Vegas casino bonus promotion, giving you a free scratch card and a chance to win €£250,000 in cash.

Because isn’t Valentines Day all about money, rubies, emeralds and diamonds?

Yeah, we thought so too.

But if you can’t afford those precious gems, you may be able to afford to play to win enough to get your other half that Rolex watch they’ve always wanted, plus keep a little something for yourself.

There’s not much to it, you just have to scratch to win a free scratch card.

Please note, this is a mobile phone casino promotion only. It is not available online, only because the scratchcard games are mobile only.

It runs until the 15th of February 2015.

Opt-in and claim your free scratch card

You will need to opt-in to this promotion before you get started.

Once you’ve registered, claimed your free €£10 no deposit bonus, and played it… head to the promotions page and click on the ‘opt-in’ button for the Scratch 4 a Perfect Match promotion.

Now this is the important part. Bonus money will not count towards getting your free scratch-card.

Which is why we say to opt in after you’ve spent your bonus money, as it’s really only usually money to try out their wide range of slots.

Then, when you’ve opted in, and made your first deposit, it’s time to get scratching. You can claim the 200% bonus up to €£1,000 in bonus, but just remember to check you don’t go into your bonus money, as the same rules apply.

I have to scratch what now?

Sky Vegas casino has four exclusive mobile casino scratch cards which we reviewed here.

They all play the same, but change in terms of cost, return to player, and how much you can win.

  • Scratch for Gold is the cheapest of the four, costing you £€1 each time, and a top jackpot amount of €£10,000.
  • Scratch for Rubies has slightly better odds, costs you €£2 a card, and has a top jackpot of €£25,000.
  • Scratch for Emeralds is even better, but more expensive, at €£5 a card with a top jackpot of €£100,000
  • Scratch for Diamonds has the best odds to win of the lot, but cost a hefty €£10 a scratch, with a top jackpot of £€250,000

The goods news is that whichever you decide to play on, (except Diamonds), you’ll get to upgrade a level and get a free card for your trouble.

How to claim your free scratch card

Assuming you’ve opted-in (we can’t stress enough to do this, don’t play till you click the yellow button), you’ve only got to play 10 games on either to then win a free scratch card on the next level of card.

  • So if you play 10 games of Scratch 4 Gold, (spending €£10), you’ll get a free Scratch 4 Ruby card worth €£2
  • If you play 10 games of Scratch 4 Ruby, (spending €£20) you’ll get one free Scratch 4 Emerald card worth €£5
  • Finally, play 10 Games of Scratch 4 Emerald, (spending €£50) and you’ll get one free Scratch 4 Diamond card worth €£10

If you play on Diamonds, then you actually only get the satisfaction of playing on an amazing scratch card with a huge jackpot prize.

Sky Vegas Scratch Cards
Sky Vegas Cards include Emeralds and Diamonds Win up to 250,000 Cash

You can take all three offers if you like

Though we’d argue that anyone who can afford to buy €£10 worth of scratch cards is a very different level of player than the one playing €£50, you could, if the fancy took you, get all three bonuses.

Here’s the thing. The odds of winning increase by the value of card, as the return to player increases.

Scratch for Gold has a return to player rate of 87.53%. Scratch for Emeralds, on the other hand, has a return of 92.03%.

Even if you know nothing about what we are talking about, trust us when we say you want the percentage to be bigger in this case. It means you’re more likely to win something whilst playing – including that top jackpot prize.

So if you can afford it, head to the higher cards. There’s no reason to play on the smaller cards, just to get one free mobile scratch card. You are better off buying another Ruby or Emerald (or treat yourself to an amazing Scratch for Diamonds) and get better odds of winning.

That said, only ever play what you can afford. Getting that free scratch card could be worth anything from 25 thousand, to 250 thousand.

Everyone is invited to scratch Sky Vegas

At the end of the day, this is meant to be a nice little extra to give scratch card players a taste of one of the cards they might not play all that often.

If you like Scratch for Gold, sometimes you’ll treat yourself to Scratch for Rubies and so on…  But you’ll usually stick to the game that meets your budget.

Sky Vegas mobile casino are doing just that.

Giving you a free upgrade as a thank-you for playing on their, in our opinion, impressive set of exclusive mobile scratchies.

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