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Gamble Feature On Video Poker Turned A €40 Bet To A €20,480 Win

December 4th, 2013 by LuckyMobileCasinos

Mobile Video Poker may or may not be your game, but here is a story that will give you faith in gamblers instincts, luck and guts.

€20,480 Big Win on Video Poker at Vera&John Casino
€20,480 Big Win on Video Poker at Vera&John Casino

When we first read this story we didn’t quite believe it ourselves. It’s truly incredible what a steady hand and a willingness to go for broke allowed one gambler to win 500x his bet. Want to know the most thrilling news of all? It was on his very last bet too.

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James has been a fan of video poker for a while. He’d had a couple of days of not getting anything much out the machines, but one boring Monday evening, with nothing much else to do, he headed to Vera&John casino to play on his favourite video poker machines.

But damnit if he couldn’t get the casino game to pay out. He started with €500 and at €50 a round and 7 bets later, he was at €150 and on his way out. He knew, the machine knew it, the casino knew it. This was going to be just another fun video poker night like all the others, a few thrills well spent.

But no, thought James. No. This will not be just another night. It’s been a bad Monday and I need a pick me up.

Multiple Wins on a Gutsy Bet

He won €40. He could either make on last bet or gamble the €40.

‘Bah’ thought the little daredevil whispering in the 55 year old’s ear ‘Go on, gamble it, it’s the last bet anyway…’

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This was to be the most incredible 10 minutes in James life. He decided to use the gamble feature where you have to guess either the correct colour of the upside down card, and double your winnings, or the correct suit, and quadruple your winnings.

If you’ve got to go out, might as well go out aiming big. So he guessed the suit and.. lo and behold… he won! He kept picking hearts as the suit close to his blood pumping organ, and kept seeing his balance go up and up and up, quadrupling with each gamble he made.

James had €10,250. He could have walked away, he would have been well within his right, and any gambler anywhere in the world would have shook his hand and congratulated him.

“I have never been that nervous before in my whole life. That last double up click was truly nerve-racking. It is completely insane that I was able to get it right that many times. Quite honestly I would have become a wreck if I had lost that money on the last round so I am extremely happy that it went my way”

Said James with relief.

But that daredevil on his shoulder couldn’t let him go. So in one final thrill seeking bet, he chose to double his winnings by clicking on colour instead of suit and… won again!

10 minutes after his deposit, James walked away with over 500x his bet and €20,480 in his bank.

Our hearts are racing just thinking about the chain of events. Those are some gutsy bets from a man with a steady hand and some great big… well you know.

Think you have a chance at getting the same kind of win at Video Poker? Would you be able to hold steady under that kind of pressure?

Head over to Vera&John mobile casino now and try your luck. If you want a huge choice of video poker however, we recommend Guts mobile casino, which has the largest selection of mobile video poker around. 

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