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$169,072 Mobile Jackpot Won at Slotland Casino

July 11th, 2014 by LuckyMobileCasinos

With Slotland’s progressive jackpot getting hit more often than any other network, it’s no wonder we have another big winner at this US casino.

Lucky Canadian Wins Big at Slotland Casino
Lucky Canadian Wins Big at Slotland Casino

What Slotland Casino jackpots lack in size, the make up in regularity. Only three months ago we wrote about Slotlands first mobile jackpot slot win of $159,357, which left one happy iPhone player celebrating long into the night.

The winner this time? A thirty-something Canadian IT worker who has been playing at Slotland for over four years now, and has never felt the need to look elsewhere. The slot? Tikal Treasure and the first time the jackpot was won on this particular mobile casino game.

So the question is: how does it feel to win one of these jackpots and how often is ‘often’?

The big slot win story

We don’t have the name of the winner because he didn’t want to disclose it, but let’s call him… Yax Cocay Mut. Yax to his friends. Why? Because if you are going to make up a name, might as well get creative. Also it’s an ancient Mayan name for their god of the sky. This will become relevant in about one minute.

How much is US$169,072?

  • CA$179,782
  • £98,704
  • AU$179,824
  • €124,185

So, it’s late on the evening of the 8th of July. Yax was bored and reached for his laptop to play a few rounds on his favourite casino. He’d been winning a little here and there, enough to stay in the game, not enough to get too excited about.

Then Yax saw the Tikal Treasure slot. Call it fate, call it a strange past life recollection when he was an ancient Mayan god, but Yax opened this 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine and knew this was the one. He was immediately transported to an ancient South American temple, where the once dead civilisation came to life in his hand.

Like a mighty gold craving blood god he started spinning those reels as the stone masks, suns and ornate symbols lined up for his viewing pleasure. His big hope was that he would collect five stone balls symbols to trigger the bonus free spin games. Alas, this was not to be, but several $1,000 wins allowed him to start increasing his bets. He knew then that his past worshippers of old were showering him with golden gifts and this was no time to stop.

He soon forgot all about the bonus game however, when the randomly triggered progressive jackpot flashed across his screen and he won $169,072. He was, needless to say, very happy and decided to celebrate by consuming stores near by.

“I guess I’ll go shopping, pay off my credit cards,” said the winner from his apartment in Vancouver, Canada. “And I’ll probably hit the slots again – I’m feeling lucky, eh? Know what I mean?”

Isn’t it more fun when you put a context to the name?

How often do the Slotland jackpots hit?

On average, Slotland’s progressive jackpots hits about four to five times a year around the $175,000 mark. These last two were below that at 169,000 and 159,000 – so the next one should, by all expectations, hit above the $180,000.

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That said, it’s not called a random number generator for nothing.

The reason this slot jackpot is hit so often is simply because Slotland create and run their own casino games. As such, they create one big jackpot that is fed from several of their slots into one big pot.

This means the pot grows fast, but it also means it can be won from one of several slots on their online and mobile casino site. This was the first time this jackpot was won on Tikal Treasure for example, with the Ice Queen being one of the more popular games to play and therefore hit the jackpot. However, the biggest win ever was made by an American dad back in 2013, when he won $266,800 on the slot Carnival.

“What good is a jackpot that never seems to be hit?!” asked Slotland’s casino manager, Michael Hilary. “Maybe Slotland’s jackpot never gets to be millions of dollars, but that’s because it’s hit so often. We’ve had a lot of jackpot winners who, believe me, were all quite happy to walk away with a couple hundred thousand!”

As far as they are concerned, better to make more players happy than to give everything to one player once a year.

A unique US mobile casino

All of Slotland’s 32 games are completely unique to them. They create them, test them, get them licensed and approved, and have been doing so since 1998.

Some of their early mobile casino games were a little basic and hard to use, but their newest releases have specially enhanced versions for iPhone and Android phones and tablets which actually look great. That said, all their games work on all mobile devices we tested.

All in all, there’s a reason why Yax has been playing there for four years:

“I like Slotland’s games. There’s always a new one, and they get better and better,” said the winner. “And there’s never any hassle with withdrawals and deposits. So why would I play anywhere else?”

Will you be as lucky at Slotland casino? Give them a shot, and if not just because of their unique games, how about for the exclusive $30 free no deposit bonus you get right here for being such a loving loyal reader of ours.

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