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European Roulette mFortune

European Roulette mFortune Mobile Roulette Review

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Available On: iOS Android

About this mFortune Roulette Game

This downloadable mobile roulette app from mFortune casino plays beautifully and won’t break, no matter the device, weather, or distractions.

There you are, playing roulette on mobile, when you suddenly get a phone call mid wheel spin. Some of you may cancel the call and hope the game-play hasn’t been broken.

Some may answer and hope the gambling gods are there to ensure the bet either didn’t take, or you get your win when you re-load.

Not with this mFortune Roulette mobile app. With this one you can answer your phone, walk away for an hour, and the game will be there, waiting and unbroken, ready for you to spin again.

It’s not all roses and kittens

There are a few ‘peculiarities’ with this mobile European roulette game. For one, the maximum bet on the online game is 20 on a number, whilst it’s actually 300 on mobile.

So big betters, bear that in mind.

For two, it’s an incredibly simple table. You don’t get quick neighbour bets, or double your bet button, or clear table. Just spin, undo the last chip placed on the table, or re-place your last bets.

Equally, you better have your roulette strategy and knowledge down pat as this game offers no explanations or paytable, assuming you know everything there is to know about this casino game.

Beautiful graphics and easy to use

The thing is, the graphics work beautifully. You can drag and drop the chips on the table easily, and it highlights exactly where you want to place your chips.

On tablet it’s a little easier, but even as an Android phone or iPhone roulette app it actually works surprisingly well, thanks in part to the zoom in function on the number.

Best of all you can easily slide across the screen with an easy button, rather than having to fiddle with a drag and drop.

A perfect low bet roulette table

Due to it’s simplicity, chances are we will reserve this European roulette game for when we need a robust table that will see us through no matter where we are.

Equally, it’s probably one of the few tables that genuinely has a low limit of only 0.10 a bet – this, and Playtech’s European Roulette, are the only ones worth playing if you have a conservative budget.

All in all, a fair, pretty game that works well under pressure.


Roulette overview

Min / Max Bet:0.10 / 300
Chips Available:0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1, 5, 10
Straight Up:300
Neighbour Bets:No
Bet Max Button:No
Hamburg / La Partage Rule:No




We’ve won a fair amount by placing a few choice bets on this mobile roulette table, so even though we have little information about it, it’s by far one of the friendliest games around.

Add a user friendly interface that allows you to play on all devices, mobile or tablet, and you’ve got a great game with a wide betting range.

If you are looking to bet more than 300 on one number, then we’d probably recommend IGT’s Player’s Suite Roulette.

Are you ready to play?

Available On: iOS Android

Review by Lucky Mobile Casinos, Last updated: September 5, 2019

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