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Video Poker Fan? Read How To Win Your Share of 15,000 In Cash

September 14th, 2014 by LuckyMobileCasinos | Follow us on Twitter Here

BGO casino are showcasing their perfectly built IGT video poker machines by giving you a chance to win a share of £15,000 in cold, hard cash.

Grab Your Share of £15,000 Playing Video Poker at BGO Casino
Grab Your Share of £15,000 Playing Video Poker at BGO Casino

It’s nice to see casino promotions that are not all around popular slot games. We are huge fans, don’t get us wrong, but a little variety is the spice of life.

And we are big fans of mobile Video Poker machines. One of the few games where you can get great returns with the right strategy, it’s part skill as much as luck. Very few games actually make you feel like you might just beat the house after all, and Video Poker is one of them.

BGO casino only GBP?

Yes, but they accept international players and converts the currency.

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It’s not usually the prettiest mobile casino game, we grant you. But how pretty do you need five sets of cards to look?

Anyway, when BGO announced that they will be having a whole week celebrating the game, we were more than happy to look into it and see if it was worth a play. Tied to their IGT machines, this is for fans and video poker newbies alike.

After all, once you’ve learnt how to play, you’ll soon be back. They all come back.

This IGT Video Poker competition runs until the 21st of September 2014.

How likely am I to win £15,000?

There will be a total of 500 players who will win a chunk of the £15,000 on offer. That’s good news and bad news. On the one hand, lots of chances to get your hands on some cash, on the other, the prizes are not in the thousands.

  • 20 gamblers will randomly win £100
  • Next 30 will get £75 prizes
  • 100 players will each get £50 prizes
  • Another 150 get £25 prizes
  • Finally you have 200 each getting a consolation £10 prize

This is real cash, not bonus money, so once you get it, you can use it as you will.

The fact that Video Poker games are a refined taste means your competition will already be smaller than all those other slot tournaments and giveaways.

Not to mention that extra £100 in the gambling budget isn’t a bad amount. After all, you can win this cash whether you are up or down on the Video Poker machine. So you could easily walk away with extra cash and winnings.

How do I collect tickets for the raffle?

Because of course, the way this competition runs, you’ll have to collect raffle tickets and then a draw will be done on the 24th of September to determine the 500 winning tickets.

Bear in mind of course, that this casino offer runs out on the 21st not the 24th; thats just when the draw will be done.

Collecting your tickets is a simple matter of making £10 worth of wagers on a selection of IGT video poker games.

Which games? More on that later.

You can collect as many tickets as you want, which means you could win more than one prize. You can also play on either the mobile or online video poker machines – both count towards your £10 wager.

However, these games are not always available depending on the device you use, so make sure you load the right games.

But are the IGT Video Poker games any good?

There you are in luck.

Each of the four games in question got at least 4 out of 5 stars in our Video Poker game reviews. The reason why most lack a star is simply because, whilst IGT may have been the first to create Video Poker machines way back in the early 90’s, giving them years of experience… their graphics haven’t improved much since.

So no, they are not the prettiest, but fans of Video Poker games will only need to know one thing: they are all pretty much full pay machines.


Any other Video Poker at BGO casino?

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Game King Jacks or Better

The return to player rate (RTP) on this Jacks or Better game is 99.54% with a perfect strategy. That’s as close to beating the house as you can get on mobile. Classic, original and familiar, it has a good betting range and it’s easy to use.

Read the IGT Jacks or Better Video Poker review here »

Game King Bonus Poker

The potential return here is 99.16%, mostly because you get extra hands to win cash on from the original Jacks or Better, but the easier hands to get pay a little less. For those looking for those big card combos.

Read the full Bonus Video Poker review here »

Game King Double Bonus Poker

If the bonus poker isn’t enough and you want an even bigger jackpot for those big hands, then double bonus poker is your game. Jacks or better will only get you your bet back here, so aim big or go home. The RTP is 99.1%.

Read the full Double Bonus Video Poker review here »

Game King Double Double Bonus Poker

Not quite full pay, at “only” 99.51% return rather than the mythical 100% (almost impossible to find online, never mind mobile), this is as close to perfect as you’ll get for this type of game. Aim for the bonus hands which pay than a straight flush.

Read the full Double Double Bonus Video Poker review here »

Worth Playing?

We like machines that give us the best chance of winning. This is what these IGT games will do.

They don’t have gamble features, or multi-hands, or even very flashy graphics when you do win.

But the numbers behind are the Mary Poppins of Video Poker.  Practically perfect in every way.

It’s still a raffle. So if you have no interest in Video Poker games, then we should pat ourselves on the back for getting you to read this far. But you should certainly not play.

However we suspect you’re fans of the game and few venues as as easy to play on as BGO mobile casino. on Mobile they have some of the best IGT, Microgaming and NetEnt games available, and online they have even developed some games of their own, which are genuinely good fun to play.

Try them today and you’ll get 20 free spins no deposit just for registering + a healthy 200% bonus up to £200. That’s plenty of cash to help you onto to Straight Flush glory.

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