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This Week Only: Slotland Casino Gives You Bonus Gifts Galore

December 19th, 2014 by LuckyMobileCasinos | Follow us on Twitter Here

Slotland casino is getting ready for a week full of Christmas casino bonuses. And to make it extra sweet, some bonuses will come with a 1x wagering only.

A Week of Low Wagering Casino Bonuses for Christmas Week
A Week of Low Wagering Casino Bonuses for Christmas Week

That’s right. For once, what you have here, is a mobile casino bonus offer that gamblers will will recognise as being for them rather than for the benefit of the casino.

Slotland have always had a lower bonus than most, with a 12x wagering on any of their frequent bonus offers.

But in the coming week you’ll get so many offers, you might be lost to remember how to take them all.

In total you’ll have three free no deposit bonus, two big deposit bonus and then 3 days of a lots of bonuses with only 1x wagering.

Don’t worry if this seems like too much to take in. We break down all the offers and tell you how to grab all three, or whichever one floats your boat.

The free $10, $20, or $30 money bonus

So one thing you should know straight away is that if you are new to Slotland you get $30 free exclusively as a Lucky Mobile Casino reader to try them out anyway.

Aren’t you lucky?

As a matter of fact, you then also get a higher deposit bonus of 200% (instead of 100%) up to US$1,000.

But that’s not the free cash we mentioned in the title of this piece. If it were, it wouldn’t really be ‘new’ news would it?

Surprise bonus with your monthly newsletter

Slotland mobile casino likes to send monthly hellos to all their players, which is fine by us. Not so often we get bored by their emails, but often enough that we get a sweet bonus.

And with the next newsletter do you know what you’ll get?

A slot machine. Specifically a slot machine in an email that will give you either $10, $20 or $30 free.

Now, we suspect that the amounts change depending on how often you’ve played.

If you’ve only ever taken our exclusive no deposit bonus, then you’re unlikely to get more than an extra $10. But if you’ve made a couple of deposits and given Slotland a proper chance, you’ll get the higher amount.

We are not saying that’s how it works, just a little suspicion of ours.

Use Bonus Code FREE30LMC

Get $30 free when you register + 200% bonus

Get your bonus »

But it’s fair enough. Reward the players who have been with you the longest, whilst still giving newbies a little something to get them to love you.

20th – 21st of December: 40% on all deposits

That would be Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of December – otherwise known as the last shopping days before the mad rush of Christmas.

But for those of you who have been wonderfully organised, have everything prepared, and all the presents wrapped, Slotland have a brilliant reward for being good girls and boys.

Every single deposit you make will give you an extra 40% on top. So if you deposit $50, you’ll get $20 in bonus, and play with $70 in total.

Sweet right?

23rd – 25th of December: One bonus code, 3 bonuses!

And because sometimes you simply need some time away from the family, you’ll have a special Slotland bonus code that gives you 3 deposit bonuses of different amount.

Use code XMAS2014 on three deposits to get:

  • 1st deposit: 50% bonus
  • 2nd deposit: 70% bonus
  • 3rd deposit: 100% bonus

Just to clarify, you can take the three bonuses on one day, spread them over the three days, or even in the space of one hour.

Whenever you have a few minutes to breath or Christmas TV gets boring.

26th – 28th of December: 1x wagering on every bonus

And when Slotland means ‘every bonus’ what they really mean is ‘every deposit’.

Because when you’re stuffed full of Turkey, chestnuts and more chocolate than there is coco beans on earth, nothing says ‘relax’ than 30% on every deposit between the 26th and 28th of December.

It’s the start of all the great sales, don’t you know.

And these sales are particularly good value, as they come with only a 1x wagering on the bonus money. Yes that’s practically free money and ridiculously low.

Why Slotland casino?

Well, we are pretty sure we just gave you a weeks worth of reasons, but sure, fine, you want more.

T’is the season to be greedy after all.

Top three most popular Slotland Games

So how about the fact that they currently host 34 real money online slot games, 70% of which are available to play on most of the more popular smartphones and tablets – and not just Android and iPhones, we are talking Windows phones as well.

Plus they are totally unique, you won’t find these beauties anywhere else.

How about the fact that the all the video slot games are connected to a site wide jackpot that grows quickly due to all the games on the network?

And though it never hits to more than a couple of hundred thousand dollars… try saying that as if that cash wouldn’t make a bit of a difference to your life.

Sure it’s not in the millions, but when we last checked (today) it was standing at just over $100,000, which would help make 2015 the best year of our lives.

Time to get celebrating with a special week long Holiday Bonus and get plenty of action.

Better than beating gran at charades.

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