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September NextCasino Bonuses With A Bite

September 16th, 2014 by LuckyMobileCasinos | Follow us on Twitter Here

NextCasino are doing their usual week long casino promotion where you get a little extra for playing. This September 2014 theme? Zombies and Vampires.

Grab New NextCasino Bonuses in September 2014
Grab New NextCasino Bonuses in September 2014

Why Zombies and Vampires in September you ask? Wouldn’t that make an awesome theme for, say, Halloween in October?  Good question internet.

All we can think is that NextCasino read our post about how they won the ‘who is the best casino giving away free money this month‘ post and decided to celebrate with a feast of chilled blood and lightly seared brains.

That or they realised they have a decent selection of vampire and zombie slots and decided “what they hell, close enough to October“.

Plus we are hoping this means they will do something completely different and crazy for Halloween. Because why not? They can’t do the mobile casino bonus a day with the same theme only a month apart right??

The NextCasino Bonuses for September

As usual, we get free spins bonuses, reload bonuses and a splash of extra loyalty points for good measure. Not all the casino games here are mobile friendly, but we will get to that later.

Wednesday 17th: 20 Free Spins on Blood Suckers

The full offer: Deposit at least £$€20 on Wednesday 17th and you’ll get 20 free spins on Blood Suckers slot on Thursday 18th.

What we think: Blood Suckers was recently released on mobile so… we love it! The problem with these ‘next day’ free spin offers is that sometimes you genuinely forget you have them. So after going through all that effort, you end up waking up 25 hours later, in the middle of night, shaking in terror at having forgotten to claim them.

Thank-fully with mobile free spins, you can log in pretty much any time you are bored (a lot) and quickly use these as an excuse to distract you. Once you’ve won the bonus money it will stay in your account for a safe 30 days whenever you decide to play it.

Also, we genuinely like Blood Suckers slot machine in that ‘old NetEnt retro’ kind of way.

Scream factor? 

AAAAARGH! It’s Behind you! Run towards it you obvious bikini clad blonde victim you!!

 Thursday 18th: Deposit £$€200 and get £$€50 Bonus

The full offer: Anyone who makes a 200 deposit today and plays it through 5 times will get 50 in bonus.

What we think: We’re not going to waste much time on this casino offer. It’s high, so not many people will be able to enjoy and there’s no reason why you should have to jump through so many hoops for what’s effectively a 25% reload bonus.

The only reason to log into NextCasino today is to claim those free spins from yesterday.

Scream factor? 

There’s a monster in this movie all right, but you can see the strings and latex mask a mile away.

Friday 19th: 30% reload bonus up to £$€100

The full offer: Use casino bonus code ZOMBIES for a 30% reload bonus.

What we think: See why we didn’t waste our time on yesterday’s offer? Nice, straightforward and easy. You deposit any amount and get up to 100 in bonus cash. Folks from yesterday who want to deposit 200 will get 60 in bonus money today, instead of 50.

Oh and we mentioned it was INSTANTANEOUS right? So no waiting, deposit, get extra cash and get playing any of their 150+ mobile casino games.

Scream factor? 

A doll slowly turning it’s head and smiling the smile of the devil as it slowly raises it hands to touch you… and give you money.

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st: triple loyalty points

The full offer: Play on NextCasinos selection of Zombie and Vampire slots and get triple the loyalty points all weekend.

What we think: We should probably point out that as with most loyalty programs you can exchange these loyalty points for cold hard cash. Fun right?

The slots in question are: Alaxe in Zombiland (Microgaming, not mobile, decent), Blood Suckers (NetEnt, mobile, good game), Immortal Romance (Microgaming, not mobile, but EPIC slot), Wild Blood (Play’n Go, mobile, surprisingly good fun) and Zombies (NetEnt, not mobile, surprisingly scary).

So all in all, a nice selection of mobile and online slots, all of which we’d be happy to play. Usually NextCasino offers have one maybe two goods ones in a selection of random games, but all of the above can be genuinely good fun.

No better place to play them this weekend.

Scream factor? 

It’s a back to back fright night fest. Feel the hair on the back of your neck rise as you catch those wins.

General feeling about it all?

Our goosebumps are tingling in excitement. This is going to be a most excellent week at NextCasino, and not just because you get £$€8 free no deposit to check them out, followed by a 100% bonus and then 100 free spins.

Mostly it’s because they’ve chosen an excellent array of slot machines to entertain us with. Plus we like a good free spin and reload bonus offer to get us along the badly lit murderous path to slot glory!

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