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Rio Cash & Prize Carnival at Probability Mobile Casinos

June 3rd, 2014 by LuckyMobileCasinos | Follow us on Twitter Here

It’s a prize give away bonanza on the UK Probability Casino network as they start 8 weeks of celebrations throughout the 2014 Football World Cup.

Win Cash & Prizes at Probability Casinos This Summer
Win Cash & Prizes at Probability Casinos This Summer

Chances are you either are or aren’t a fan of Probability Gaming Casinos such as Mad About Slots, Moobile Games and LadyLucks. This mobile software provider is all about the hand held devices. You won’t be able to play any of their casino games any other way other than on your iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry or tablet.

On that note all their phone casino games play beautifully on all mobile devices because of it and you can pick whichever of the three mobile casinos you like best. Why? Because having the same games over the same network, they all look and feel incredibly similar. So the only real difference is the welcome offer:

  • Mad About Slots: Get £5 free no deposit + 200% on your first deposit (use exclusive casino code: LUCKY15)
  • Moobile Games: Get £5 free no deposit + 100% on your first deposit
  • Lady Lucks: Get £5 free no deposit + 100% on your first deposit

You know which to check out first right? Now for the fun bit.

8 Weeks… Great Prizes…32 Winners

Between the 2nd June to the 31st July you’ll have a chance to win a huge number of different prizes for relatively small amounts of cash. It is a raffle, so we recommend you go into it with a:

“well, I wanted to check out Probability games anyway, and might as well give it a go under the bright lights of Rio fever”.

So read through our list of great prizes, and pick the week to get playing:

VIP table to watch the big footie matches for you and three friends

  • Head to one of London’s most prestigious sports bars, Riley’s, and get the full VIP treatment with £200 food and drink bill on the casino tab
  • One winner will be selected in week 1 and 2 (weeks starting 2nd and 9th of June)
  • Simply make a £4 cash bet on any four days that week. £16 investment for one hell of an evening.

Eight DVD Boxsets or Film Series of your choice

  • If you didn’t get the VIP table, your money could still get you a weeks worth of TV binging so you can shut the world out from all those World Cup celebrations.
  • Each week for the whole promotion one lucky winner will be drawn and you get to catch up on all those series or films you’ve never had a chance to watch.
  • You still have to make a £4 cash bet, but only on two different days during any one week.

Heating things up with Six BBQ sets

  • Meh. Really? They haven’t released which BBQ set this is, but it better be a gold encrusted bling for us to be all that excited about it.
  • Weekly draws will take place from week 3 to 8 (so from the 16th of June onwards)
  • Usual £4 cash bet on four days in each week

Brand new 2014 mobile device of your choice

  • Who doesn’t love getting a new gadget to play with? You can pick from any of the brand new mobile devices released in 2014 to add to your collection.
  • You do, however, have to be in this promotion for the long haul, as they are asking for a £4 cash bet every week of the ‘Rio Cash and Prize Carnival’ time.

Gaming console of your choice!

  • We are liking this ‘of your choice’ business. Not everyone wants a Playstation 4 or the Xbox One. You could really make them sweat and ask for a Sega MegaDrive to see whether they can hunt that down in the gaming archives.
  •  You’ll have to play in week 2 and 4 for this one. (Weeks starting 9th and 23rd of June)
  • Same rules applied: £4 cash bet on four days in each week to be in the draw.

Win £150 in cash every week

  • If you don’t manage to get those oh my jolly gosh BBQ set, you can still get the consolation prize of £150 in cash every week.
  • Draws will take place every single week.
  • You know the drill: £4 cash bet on four days, each week.

There is also a mention of Five Retro Football T-shirts… but no explanation of what, where and how come? Perhaps they are randomly throwing them out of their office windows? Or maybe… you have to bet £4 four times a week?

It’s a mystery.

Is this mobile casino promotion worth it?

The amounts you have to bet to be in the draw are small. The fact that you only get one ticket whether you bet £16 a week or £300 a week makes it fair to the smaller gamblers who may not want to blow their whole casino budget on one venue.

The BBQ set is an odd one, but we suppose that when we host all our wet, rainy, summer BBQ parties for when England finally wins the FIFA World Cup, they may come in handy. All the other prizes are decent, and if we were to win, would certainly bring a smile to anyone’s face.

So if you do want to try any of the Probability casinos, now is the time.

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