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Microgaming Mobile Casinos Are Giving You The Key To The Real Life Playboy Club

November 4th, 2014 by LuckyMobileCasinos | Follow us on Twitter Here

Microgaming mobile casinos are pooling together and giving away a chance for 5 lucky players to win a one year membership to the Playboy Club in London and Cancun and the Playboy Mansion in Beverley Hills.

Win Free Access to the Playboy Club London for a Year
Win Free Access to the Playboy Club London for a Year

Gentlemen listen up. Ladies… this isn’t quite as relevant, but hey, there’s more to the Playboy Club than bunnies. There’s spas, the best night-clubs in the world, amazing casinos and fine dining. Yeah, we thought that might catch your attentions.

Microgaming have recently launched their incredibly popular slot game Playboy as a multiplayer slot. Now if you don’t know what that’s about, don’t worry, we will go into it in a moment.

But needless to say, you’ll need to like multiplayer games to enjoy this novel casino promotion.

Because between now and 30th of November you could win a one year membership to the Playboy Club in London, Cancun and Beverley Hills.

Now if that doesn’t sound like a great reason to travel, we don’t know what will.

The Microgaming casino offer

This is a casino network promotion. That means that it’s a casino promotion organised by Microgaming, rather than the mobile phone casinos themselves.

That said, not all Microgaming casinos will take part in this offer, so you’ll need to pick wisely in order to get a chance to win. The good news is that you have a great selection of casinos to choose from at the moment, namely:

Now we have that out of the way, let’s look at what you’ll need to do to win.

Play on the Playboy Multiplayer online slot

Yeap, this is not a mobile friendly promotion we’re afraid. It’s the opposite of that in fact, as the multi-player option is only available in the online casinos, whilst you can find the Android slot Playboy on Go Wild casino. So you could have always tested it out on mobile to see if you like it.

But, let’s be honest, Microgaming only put their best of the best on their Multi-player platform. So whilst we won’t go into it until later, just trust us for now that the Playboy slot game is brilliant.

And all you have to do is wager €25, £20, CA/US/AU$30 or 200kr on it to get one ticket into the draw.

One ticket per player

Which is the fairest way with these big raffle competition.

One ticket, one draw on the 3rd of December, one winner.

Try your luck at Guts >>

So even if your gambling budget is 10 in cash a week, or 1,000, you have equal chances of winning yourself a grand prize.

The prize is open to all players from all countries which are accepted by the mobile casinos in question… which unfortunately generally means no US players as Microgaming doesn’t trade with US mobile casinos. Sorry.

If you’ve read this far and weren’t aware of this, have $30 to play at Drake Casino as a consolation prize from us.

The One-Year Membership

Though obviously, Londoners will be in a better position than, say, anyone playing on Australian Microgaming casinos because… well… location, location, location.

The two Playboy Clubs are in London and Cancun, whilst the Playboy Mansion is obviously in Beverley Hills.

Like we said, great excuse to travel, but could end up bringing up the tab, especially as once you’re in the club, you won’t want to get out.

The Playboy club in London Mayfair, for example, is the epitome of luxury and class. Ironic right?

A one year membership includes such luxuries as:

  • Dinner for four in Baroque
  • Afternoon tea for four in Salvatore’s Bar
  • Lunch for four in the Dining Room
  • A celebratory Champagne tower for 12 people in Baroque
  • 20% off your food bill each time you go
  • £100 gaming chips to get you started at the casino
  • A ‘Learn to Play’ session with one of the Casino Bunnies to sharpen your game-play
  • Four tickets to each of our showcase parties
  • Entertain up to three guests per visit

And that’s just the highlights. You can’t imagine what you’ll get if you head to the Playboy Mansion in Beverley Hills. We will leave that to your imagination.

What is the Playboy Multi-player slot machine?

It’s really just easier if we show you. Not because we are lazy, but… when you try and explaining ‘it’s like playing slots at a casino, where you have neighbours and you can chat and compare game-play’ people look at us funny.

See? Wasn’t that easier? You’ll have to forgive us the bleary images, it really does look better on your laptop and in full screen, we promise.

Keypoints about Playboy Slot

    • 5 reels, 243 ways to win
    • RTP rate: 97%
    • Slot Volatility: medium
    • Min/Max bet: 0.30 / 15

Try it Now at Go Wild >>

A fun sexy Microgaming slot machine

And despite what you might think, not as crude and rude as you might think. But then Playboy has always been about a classier type of photo shoot. Really, we read it because of the articles. Ahem.

That said, the Playboy slot machine is nothing to hide when your spouse walks in, as it’s more about living the high life, than nude shots. Sure there are unlockable free spin features, which the more you ‘enter’ the more naked the ladies get. But that’s just part of this games’ charm.

Sorry, we really couldn’t think of a better word to describe it. Or we could, but we are children at heart and couldn’t help but snigger at the imagery.

Still, at best you get a little bum, a little side boob… nothing really shocking. Also did we mention these are cartoon women? Yeah, see what we mean. Not shocking.

What is shocking is some of the wins you can get playing Playboy.

Sofia is our favourite, where you get 15 free spins with wilds that get progressively more stacked as the reels spin.

Jillian is also good fun as you have one wild night of 25 free spin with expanding wilds that could cover your entire screen. Players who like to play it a little more safe can choose Kimi for 10 free spins with a 10x multiplier, or Ashley with 20 free spins and tumbling reels.

A great incentive to try something new

Multiplayer slots aren’t for everyone. It’s a hard truth, but honest. The online slot machine doesn’t take up the whole screen, which can ruin the impact of the graphics, and let’s be honest, not all of us like to be social when we are spinning the reels.

But here’s the thing. You don’t have to be. When you play you can simply not talk to your neighbours.

After all, it’s only one ticket per player, so all you need to do is wager that €£20 or $30 on the multiplayer game, see if you like it, and if you don’t, head to the normal Playboy online slot.

All these Microgaming mobile casinos are asking is that you try it for yourself.

And if you do, you could suddenly be planning your next trip to Cancun / Berverley Hills / London before you can say ‘I love Multiplayer Slot Games!’.

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