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Last Casumo Casino Challenge Of The Year Gives You €£10,000 & Free Spins

October 23rd, 2015 by LuckyMobileCasinos | Follow us on Twitter Here

Casumo have announced their last Casino Challenge of the year; and that includes some awe inspiring top prizes, and some guaranteed free spins

Win Thousands Cash & Get Super Free Spins
Win Thousands Cash & Get Super Free Spins

We should point out that whilst this is the last Casumo casino challenge of the year, it’s not… exactly.

The reason being, we’ve been told that they are expecting to do something truly unique come Christmas. But that’s the future.

Right now, until the 11th of November, you can play at Casumo, complete challenges, get some free spins, and with luck on your side, win as much as €£10,000 in cash.

Here’s what this months challenge is all about, and how to become the undisputed casino player champion.

More about this 2015 Casumo Challenge

Then we shall start by explaining what is the Casumo casino challenge.

Basically, the way it works is that you pick one of three levels; easy, medium and hard. We’ll get to the difference between the three in a second.

For now, here’s the kind of challenges you will need to conquer:

  1. Choose your challenge level: Yeap, that’s a challenge.
  2. Play 150 spins on any slot: So far, so easy…
  3. Win 100 times on any slot: just any win. Even 0.01 win counts.
  4. Win 3 times in a row on any slot: this is all about picking the right game.
  5. Get 2 Big wins on any slot: A little more challenging, but not impossible as it counts as 15x.
  6. Get 3 Mega wins on any slot: A little harder, as a Mega Win is 30x.
  7. Win 5 times in a row on any slot: Achievable.
  8. Win 400 times on any slot: You can complete this challenge as you complete the others.

If you want our advice on each, we recommend you read our ‘how to beat the Casumo challenge‘ post.

Your Casumo Welcome Package

Get up to £€1,200 over 5 deposits, and 200 free spins on Starburst on your 1st deposit.

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Which level should I choose?

Depends on how much you want to win and how big your budget happens to be.

At the easy level, you need to be comfortable betting a minimum of 0.50 a bet. You’ll win:

  • 15 free spins on Lights after you complete 4 levels
  • 100 free spins on Starburst when you complete all challenges
  • Win up to £€800 in the leaderboard challenge

At the medium level, you’ll need to bet at least £€1, and for that you get:

  • 20 free spins on Jack & The Beanstalk after you complete 4 levels
  • 5 super spins (worth £€3 a spin) on Flux when you complete all challenges
  • Win up to £€1,500 in the leaderboard challenge

At the hard level things get really interesting, but you will need to bet a minimum of £€3:

  • 10 super spins (worth £€0.90) on Flowers after you complete 4 levels
  • 15 super spins (worth £€3 a spin) on Flux when you complete all challenges
  • Win up to £€10,000 in the leaderboard challenge

The free spins are guaranteed, but you’ll have to fight for the leaderboard

Just by competing in the challenges, you’ll get those free spins casino bonuses.

The good thing about the challenges is that you can complete them in whatever order, and mix and match.

So for example, if you’re 3 wins in a go are also over 15 times your bet, you’ve completed challenge 4 and 5 at the same time.

And whilst the cynics might shout that this is just a way for Casumo mobile casino to get you to play more, that’s in fact the opposite of what they are trying to do.

Because in order to climb the leaderboard, and get one of 30 prizes, you need to complete the challenges in the least amount of spins.

Top reasons to like this casino

  • Cashout in under 2 hours
  • Awesome big win games
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Licensed in Malta and UK
  • Clean smart design

Go to Casumo »

Why we like this slots challenge

Mostly, if we are honest, it’s because we like Casumo.

But actually, it’s also because it gives you a little taste of what Casumo is all about.

They are an unusual mobile phone casino, in that they like to give you more than just games. Of course, if you wanted to, you could simply play on IGT, WMS, NetEnt or Thunderkick games.

And it’s a great place to do that. You might even want to pick a challenge and play as you usually would.

Maybe you win, maybe you don’t, but it won’t harm, and you might get a couple of bonuses along the way.

But it’s really about the casino adventure

The challenges offer you free spins, super spins, and if you are lucky, some cold hard cash.

Which is basically a narrow down version of their loyalty program, where every time you play, or even just log in, you collect badges.

Some of these badges are challenges in themselves, like get 5 big wins, some are hidden, like log in at Casumo during lunchtime. When you collect badges, you travel worlds, level up, and win casino bonuses.

The challenges give you the competitive edge, giving you that leaderboard and huge top prize to fight for, whilst introducing you to one of the most fun aspects of this mobile casino site.

Plus you get a huge welcome bonus

And you don’t have to do all this without a little help, because the Casumo welcome bonus is freaking HUGE.

  • 1st deposit: 200% up to £€50
  • 200 free spins on Starburst
  • 2nd deposit: 50% up to £€150
  • 3rd deposit: 50% up to £€200
  • 4th deposit: 25% up to £€400
  • 5th deposit: 25% up to £€400

That’s £€1,200 in extra cash, plus 200 free spins on one of the most popular NetEnt slots of all time.

Time to start your adventure, and get that top prize of £€10,000 in cash. Because you’ve got to dream big.

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