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Jackpot City Casino Is Giving Away A Spooktacular 5,999 In Cash

October 20th, 2013 by LuckyMobileCasinos | Follow us on Twitter Here

One lucky Jackpot City casino player will win almost 6k in cash at 1pm on the 31st of October. What are the details and is it worth playing?

Get 5,999 at Jackpot City mobile casino this Halloween
Get 5,999 at Jackpot City mobile casino this Halloween

We love Halloween. Here is a time where online and mobile casinos fight over each other to get our attention, for no other reason than because someone, somewhere, decided that the candy filled holiday was a great excuse to theme the casinos and get us playing through the night.

Jackpot City mobile casino have gone the extra mile and will be giving away a very generous 5,999 in cash on old hallow’s eve. So what do you have to do to enter? And are the T&C’s friendly?

Breaking Down the Promotion

Rules are simple enough, at any point from now until the 30th of October you need to deposit 50 in cash, in your currency of choice. Bravo you have your entry into the draw!

Make sure you are online or by your phone at 1pm on the 31st of October.

Simple yes? Aaah but you can also cheat. On Sunday 27th of October, for every 10 in real money you deposit you get an extra entry in the prize draw. So if you want to increase your chances of getting that big Halloween surprise, you can go in on the Sunday before and deposit a little extra to get some more tickets into the pot.

Jackpot City casino will then announce the winner at exactly 1pm on the 31st of October. You are going to want to put an alarm on that and here’s why.

Breaking Down the T&Cs

Jackpot City casino is keen to make sure they get a winner by the end of the afternoon of the 31st. Why? They will announce the winner at 1pm via the promotions page of the Jackpot City lobby. If after 10 minutes the winner has not contacted Jackpot City either via live chat or phone, they will post a new winner every 10 minutes for one hour until one of the six comes forward in their allocated time.

If the 6 winners do not come forward, Jackpot City will call the winners twice, until someone responds.

They want a winner within the hour and they are going to be damned if they have to do the hard work – you have to contact them. Sure this is more than likely so that all eyes will be on the promotions page at 1pm, and perhaps even playing, but we still think that’s a little hard on the player. Can you imagine if your internet connection goes down whilst you go in a tunnel in your car/train and there is no phone? How gutted would you be?

So if you plan on participating, make sure you are sitting somewhere quiet, at 1pm on the 31st October, with full bars on your mobile phone and a laptop connected to strong WiFi.

No other hidden T&Cs that we can see, although we were surprised that they didn’t mention anything about playing the depositing money. As far as we can see, you could deposit the money, keep it in your account, deposit some more on Sunday, and then withdraw it all after the 31st if you don’t win. A lot of effort just to enter a draw, but nothing in the T&Cs that would prevent you from doing so.

Good? Bad? Worth the Effort?

As far as we are concerned, any raffle/ prize draw is great… if you were planning on playing anyway. The chances of winning are so low, this is the equivalent of playing roulette or a video slot because it has a big progressive jackpot.

Sure, part of the appeal is to maybe, perhaps hit that big jackpot. But you would play on mobile roulette or mobile slots anyway, you are just choosing to play on a specific one in order to to increase your chance of a big win.

Same theory here. We like Jackpot City mobile casino, we think it’s one of the best Microgaming mobile casinos out there. But you should sign up because it’s a great casino, not because of the draw. The draw is just an extra bonus of hope.

You can play at Jackpot City casino now or read our review of this mobile casino.

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