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Is The Go Wild VIP Casino Loyalty Club Worth It?

August 16th, 2014 by LuckyMobileCasinos | Follow us on Twitter Here

Go Wild have just introduced a brand new VIP club to look after their very best casino players. So what does it look like and how do you get in?

How do You Join the GoWild Club for VIPs
How do You Join the GoWild Club for VIPs

Every online and mobile casino claims to give “special bonuses” to “special players” once they’ve reached a certain mythical “special threshold”.

It’s like the Studio 69 of the casino world; every one kinda hopes they will be allowed in someday, but most people suspect it’s past it’s sell by date by the time they do.

Some casinos are more open than other about what you get, others tell you straight up how much you have to spend in order to get in. Most simply leave you to guess about all the wondrous things that will happen to you.

As with many things of that caliber, if you have to ask how much, chances are you can’t afford it. However, it’s just as likely that if you can afford it, the loyalty program itself might be nothing more than a phone call every once in a while, reminding you to come back and play.

So, as Go Wild mobile casino announce the release of their new VIP casino loyalty program, we ask the all important question: is it worth it?

How to get into the VIP casino club

Go Wild casino value loyalty as much as cash. Whilst you may be able to walk into the MGM Grand in Vegas wearing a pimping suit and flashing your cash like the new Don Juan, simply depositing a large amount on your first deposit at Go Wild will not immediately get you into the VIP club.

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However, it will get you noticed. By large we mean £€1,000 in cash plus, $2,000 for the Canadian and Australians out there.

That said, if you are a player who has some cash to burn, but don’t like to deposit all at once; don’t.

Go Wild like loyalty and consistency. They will just as much notice you for playing 200 a day for 5 days, as they would if you deposited a grand in one go. Or over a week. Or over a month.

It depends on how quickly you want to join their VIP club. They have members who have been playing at Go Wild for years, and with fairly conservative deposit, but loyalty and consistency got them a personal VIP manager.

Others come in and throw cash at the table and within a couple of weeks can enter the club.

Ask yourself this: do you have patience or cash or both?

The Perks of the GO Wild VIP Loyalty Program

So, after all this, what do you get for your efforts and is it worth it?

Personal VIP Manager

Your own Go Wild butler. Otherwise known as the other man at the end of the phone. You can call him when you have problems, have his personal email address and generally bug him about how awesome your life is with all these big wins, whilst he cries himself to sleep every night.

Or something like that.

You accumulate loyalty points faster

When you play, you accumulate points. For every 250 points you accumulate you get £$€1 back in real cash. How much is 250 points?

If you play slots, it’s 250 in cash. Pretty much one to one, which is not bad for a loyalty program. Tables games are at 5 credits for 1 points and Roulette is 10 credits for 1 point.

However, get to the top of this little baby and guess what you get? That’s right, you accumulate points faster as your credits are worth more than the 1 to 1. Which means you don’t need as much as the guys climbing the ladder to stay on top.

Capitalism at it’s best.

Exclusive tournaments and promotions

We are always weary of these. If it doesn’t have a real honest to god value, it could just be words with many casinos out there; promising you the best show on earth, but then forgetting to book the band and never telling you.

Highlights of Go Wild:

  • Under 24 hour withdrawals
  • Download & Instant Casino site
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Currencies accepted: USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD
  • Licenced in Malta
  • Top Microgaming casino

However, Go Wild are good at keep their word, and we know they run exclusive slot tournaments, so this certainly looks like a real perk.

Gifts and special surprises

Like “birthday presents, personalised holiday gifts and much more”. Again, a little vague for our liking, but we could see them calling us up and giving us a spa/golf weekend away. Because we could really do with one right now. Just saying…

Faster withdrawals

Now this is a good one. We like this one. Go Wild withdrawals are generally pretty quick, they advertise under 24 hours, but we know for a fact they are usually a little faster.

As a VIP casino player you’ll be taken ahead of the queue, before every one else, to get your winnings the moment you want them.

High daily deposit limits

This is an obvious one, but not one that many mobile casinos remember to add. As a VIP you want to be able to deposit a nice big amount to allow you to play for longer. It just make sense to do it all in one transaction. Especially as you now have…

Higher bet limits

That’s right, even the games are changed so you can bet higher. After all, you know better than most that to win big you’ve got to bet big. Not all the Microgaming games have this option, but many can go up to £$€25,000.

For those times when you are tired of buying oil rigs and have found some spare change behind the Versace couch.

Jokes aside, this is a great feature to unlock for players who want more than the usual 25/50 in cash betting limit.

Loyalty Bonus

Now we think they are just throwing in words to make this sound even better. Isn’t getting a special ‘loyalty bonus’ the same as getting exclusive promotions up at the top? However, we suppose this is more specifically saying you will get constant reload bonuses, as arranged with your VIP manager, should you want/need one.

Worth the hassle?

Generally speaking, the Go Wild casino loyalty scheme is a good one as it stands. You play, you get points you can exchange for cash, you get bigger bonus as climb up the ladder.

But there is no doubt that the VIP casino program is where it’s at with Go Wild. And even less doubt that it really benefit those looking to bet big. If you get in on loyalty alone, sure you’ll get a nice birthday gift every once in a while and a direct line to your own personal butler, but the rest of the perks will be lost on you.

Because for us, it’s all about the enjoyment and thrill of the Microgaming games. And getting more points for our money, faster withdrawals, bigger deposits and betting limits… that’s something to aim for by the big players who wants and is first class in every aspect of their lives.

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