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How To Easily Win A Trip To Miami Or Get A Guaranteed 100 Free Spins

May 18th, 2015 by LuckyMobileCasinos | Follow us on Twitter Here

NOTE: Casumo accept players from all over the world – from UK to Australia – but you can only play in EUROs. If that’s a problem find another casino here.

The Casumo challenges are back for another 2 weeks of making big dreams possible. Time to go Miami Vice and get yourself some guaranteed bonuses and win the trip of a lifetime.

Win a Trip to Miami or Get 100 Free Spins
Win a Trip to Miami or Get 100 Free Spins

If you are wondering how the Casumo casino challenges work, then read that article. This is about the challenge happening right now.

The short version is: Casumo give you tasks to complete. Do so and you get rewarded with free spins bonuses.

Do so using the least amount of spins, and you’ll win top prizes ranging from €800 in cash, to a dream trip to Miami and €4,000 pocket money.

There are three levels, for three different types of players.

You can complete the challenges in one night or two weeks, start whenever you want, but you must complete them before midnight 9th of June.

We break down each, which of the paths you should take, and how to win on each of the challenges.

If you want to know whether you should play at this casino gambling site, then we’d recommend you read our Casumo review. Or read on and you’ll understand why this quirky mobile casino is a true stand out in the scene.

Which of the three levels should I pick?

That depends on three things:

  1. How much cash you want to win
  2. How many guaranteed free spin bonuses you want to get
  3. How much you are willing to spend playing casino slots

The Casumo Welcome Bonus:

100% up to €300 + 20 free spins on Starburst

Get your bonus now »

That last one is important. Because the challenges are the same, regardless which path you choose, but how much you are willing to bet… now that, determines everything.

Choose wisely, once you’ve made your decision you can’t go back.

The Easy Level

  • Top prize on the leaderboard: €800
  • Second tier prizes: 2nd – €500, 3rd – €200, 4th & 5th – €100, 6th & 30th – €25.
  • Guaranteed bonuses for participating: 5 free spins on Jack & the Beanstalk and 40 free spins on Starburst
  • Who is this level for? Players who are happy to spin anything from 0.20 to 1 a spin.

This is probably the one most people will choose – just because it’s a little friendlier on the budget as the starting challenges begin with 0.20 a spin, and the harder challenges on 1 a spin.

However, as so many will choose this level, you’ll find a little harder to get to the top 30 in the leaderboard.

That said, you will get yourself 45 free spins for your trouble, so still fun.

The Medium Level

  • Top prize on the leaderboard: €1,500
  • Second tier prizes: 2nd – €800, 3rd – €400, 4th & 5th – €200, 6th & 30th – €50.
  • Guaranteed bonuses for participating: 80 free spins on Jack & the Beanstalk and 20 free spins on Starburst
  • Who is this level for? Players who are happy to spin anything from 0.50 to 3 a spin.

If we are going to be honest, as slot players, we would probably fit more within this bracket. Mostly because we like to bet a little bigger for the chance of bigger prizes.

Plus even if you don’t get into the top 30 leader board, you still get a guaranteed 100 free spins.

We’ve done a lot more in the past than just ‘play slots’ in order to try and win 100 free spins. So this one is a no brainer.

The Hard Level

  • Top prize on the leaderboard: Trip to Miami + €4,000 in spending money
  • Second tier prizes: 2nd – €2,000, 3rd – €1,000, 4th & 5th – €750, 6th & 30th – €100.
  • Guaranteed bonuses for participating: Get 2 and 10 super spins (€3 a spin) on Twin Spin.
  • Who is this level for? Players who are happy to spin anything from 1 to 5 in cash per spin.

High Limit slots at Casumo:

  • Piggy Riches
  • Wild Turkey
  • Zeus III
  • Arcader

Play now »

Before you think, “hey I can totally do a few €5 bet, no problem“, consider some of the challenges. Namely to ‘win 300 times on any slot’ at €5 a spin – not spin, win.

You’ll need a hefty €1,500 in wagers to just get to those 300 spins… and hope you win on each one.

We will get to how to make sure you make the most of the slots to help complete the challenges in a moment, but needless to say… the hard level is for big betters only.

How do I get the top prize?

The trick is to complete the challenges in the least amount of spins.

It means picking the right NetEnt, WMS or Thunderkick games.

Which of course, is what we are here for. Here are our recommendations and why.

Though of course, if you have your own slot favourites that would work, feel free to completely ignore us and follow your gut instinct. It rarely leads you wrong.

Well except that one time when we went for a massage in Thailand, but that’s a story for another day.

Challenge 1: Spin 150 times on any slot

This one is a nice easy starter. Pick your favourite and get going! Although you might want to pick a low variance slot because…

Challenge 2: Win 100 times on any slot

…You can combine these two challenges in one. So win 100 times whilst playing 150 spins. Because the good news here is that it doesn’t say that the win has to be huge, right?

So avoid WMS slots, and head for something like Starburst, Flowers, Stickers or Jack Hammer.

With the sticky free re-spins and additional wild symbols, you’ll get lots of action on the reels, plenty of smaller wins, and free ‘spins’ to complete the 150 total spins.

CONGRATS! You get your first casino bonus

Just claim your free spins. Go on. You’ve done the bare minimum to get something a little extra.

Challenge 3: Get 2 big wins on any slot

Here is where the WMS slot machines come into play.

Because these bad boys are the kind that hide the sort of wins that make blind men see again. As for which ones you should play…

Challenge 4: Get 3 mega wins on any slot

… we are going to combine the list for challenge 3 and 4, because it amounts to the same thing: you are trying to win as much as you possibly can, which means playing on mid to high variance slot machines.

If you are feeling very brave then we’d recommend Red Flag Fleet, Fire Queen or Bruce Lee.

If you’re not feeling quite so brave, then NetEnt’s Dead or Alive, Piggy Riches or Dracula still gives you a good shot at the mega titles.

Am award winning casino adventure

Casumo works differently than the rest. Even without the challenges, as you play you’ll get points, levels and trophies.

Try something different today »

Challenge 5: Win 5 times in a row

Winning five times in a row on any slot machine, on the other hand, requires machines all the way on the other end of the variance scale as we mentioned in Challenge 2… or with lots of paylines.

Because lots of paylines = more chances of getting a small win of any kind, especially 5 in a row – ie. 4096 ways to win on Raging Rhino.

Slots with a chain reaction of wins, like Thunderkicks Sunny Scoop or Netent’s Gonzo’s Quest, are also a good bet.

Challenge 6: Win 400 / 300 times in any slot

It’s 400 for the easy and medium level and 300 times for the hard level.

But needless to say, this takes some time and effort to complete, especially as it’s at the maximum amount of your levels bet size.

Video slots that give you more for your money are good here. So the ones we mentioned in Challenge 2 or 5 in fact.

But if you are looking for something a little different, with decent wins, and lots of free spins, then we’d say something like either Jack Hammer or Jack Hammer 2, with the sticky symbols, are pretty good for it.

Otherwise, the colossal reels of WMS are always good fun for plenty of wins, but potential for bigger wins. To mention a few: Kiss, Spartacus or Giant’s Gold.

CONGRATS! You’ve completed the challenges

And gotten your second casino bonus! That wasn’t so hard was it?

By now, you’ll be able to look at the leaderboard and see where on the top 30 you stand.

Are you close to winning that trip to Miami? If so, congrats! But watch out that someone doesn’t dethrone you at the top.

In which case, not to worry. You can redo the challenges again, get more bonuses and do exactly what you’d do anyway; play awesome casino slots on your mobile and tablet.

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