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Go Full Throttle At Sky Vegas Casino And Win €£5,000 In Bonus Money

October 2nd, 2014 by LuckyMobileCasinos | Follow us on Twitter Here

Sky Vegas casino have launched a brand new October promotion claiming that you could get up to €£5,000 in bonus money and win a car. How true is this? And how easy is it?

Win a Car Plus up to 5K in Casino Money at Sky Vegas Mobile Casino in October
Win a Car Plus up to 5K in Casino Money at Sky Vegas Mobile Casino in October

It’s a race to the finish line, as Sky Vegas casino are giving every player the chance to get a huge amount of bonus money.

You only have until the 27th of October to finish this race, accumulate your bonuses and win yourself a car.

The good side of this promotion is that you’ll get yourself a mobile phone casino bonus no matter what. The bad side is that it’s only open to players from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Gibraltar, Guernsey and Jersey.

If you are in this small circle of privilege, then read on and find out who this promotion is for and more importantly… is it decent?

Trying to explain this casino promotion

This Sky Vegas bonus promotion comes with diagrams on the website. That’s never a good sign. We’ve gone through it, we’ve read and re-read and finally deciphered the offer.

And one thing we can say for sure: big gamblers will definitely have one hell of a casino bonus at hand. But you’ve got to be willing to bet quite a bit over a month.

If you don’t think you’ll gamble at least €£500 in one month, you are better off going to a low betting friendlier mobile casino online.

Sky Vegas too much to handle?

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There are effectively two Sky Vegas promotions this month.

The first is an escalating bonus ladder; the more you bet, the bigger the bonus you get, all accumulating to a possible £€5,000 worth of bonus money. The second is your chance to win an Audi TT Coupé worth £33,000.

The accumulated Sky Vegas bonus

Basically, for every £1 you wager on classic or video slots you get 1 point. For every £5 you wager on table casino games you get 1 point. Every Monday you’ll get your bonus based on the amount of points you’ve accumulated.

These points last until the 27th of October. The more points you get, the higher the bonus.

Level 0:

Target: 0-499 points
Bonus: £0
Cumulative Bonus: £0 + 0 tickets

Level 1:

Target: 1,000 points
Bonus: £5 + 1 ticket
Cumulative Bonus: £10 + 2 tickets

Level 2:

Target: 5,000 points
Bonus: £25 + 1 ticket
Cumulative Bonus: £45 + 4 tickets

Level 3: 

Target: 500 points
Bonus: £5 + 1 ticket
Cumulative Bonus: £5 + 1 ticket

Level 4:

Target: 2,500 points
Bonus: £10 + 1 ticket
Cumulative Bonus: £20 + 3 tickets

Level 5: 

Target: 10,000 points
Bonus: £55 + 1 ticket
Cumulative Bonus: £100 + 5 tickets

Level 6: Turbo Mode

Target: 25,000+ points
Bonus: £10 + 1 ticket

RE-TRIGGER: For every 500 points earned after the level is achieved, you will re-trigger the bonus up to a total bonus of £5,000.

What does it all mean?

It means you have to wager a minimum of 1000 on casino slots in order to get just to level one.

See what we mean about having the cash to splash?

Technically, you can wager 1,000 on slots by making a simple 500 in deposits, maybe less if you have some lucky bets and you gamble big. All those little wins count.

But it does leave your average casual gambler out in the cold.

To get to Turbo mode you need to gamble a minimum of 10 thousand to 20 thousand in cash in order to get the points you need. And when you do things get interesting, because the money will come often, and it will be worthwhile, with about £€5,000 worth of free bonus cash at your disposal.

It means winning that car is a possibility

Sky Vegas casino is a big casino. There is no doubt about that. And there’s a reason why they’ve created a VIP casino promotion for big betters: it’s one of the nicest places to go gamble if you need high limit slots and games.

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  • Plants Vs Zombies

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However, if you are still reading this because you are interested in this big casino bonus promotion, then you are part of an elite few who can actually win 33 thousand worth of car.

Because not many will make it to Level 1 and beyond, for enough barely for one ticket. And whilst you are playing, isn’t it nice to get a bonus and a chance to win yourself a new luxury car?

The specifications of the car

It’s a beautiful Audi TT Coupé 2.0TFSI S-Line. As the name implies it has an S line 2.0 TFSI 6 speed engine, a sport multi-function steering wheel, a luxury interior and the full multimedia package.

And if none of this means a damn to you, you just need to know that it’s valued at a retail price of £33,000 or €42,300. And no you cannot get cash instead, but with this little beauty you can feel like King Midas as everything you touch turns to gold.

Or if you are really jaded, you can just sell it. But then we probably don’t want to know you as a person.

What do I need to do to get involved?

Well for one, you need to register to Sky Vegas casino.

You’ll get a very generous triple your money bonus, with a 200% on your first deposit, up to £€1,000.

However, bear in mind that only real money will count towards your point.

Bonus money is there for the fun of it, or to actually get you some of those big wins so you can gather more points, or you know, cashout.

Once you’ve registered and made your deposit, you’ll have to go to the promotions page and ‘opt-in’. Don’t start betting until you do, otherwise you’ll lose those precious points.

And with this behemoth of a bonus promotion, every point counts.

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