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Get Four Free Scratch Cards In Your Christmas Stocking With Sky Vegas Casino

December 5th, 2014 by LuckyMobileCasinos | Follow us on Twitter Here

Sky Vegas mobile casino have got four new exclusive scratch cards games for UK players, and they are giving you a little Christmas stocking gift to get you to try them.

Play to Get Your Exclusive & Free Sky Vegas Scratch Cards
Play to Get Your Exclusive & Free Sky Vegas Scratch Cards

We like casino scratch cards. They are fun, simple and easy to play.

So when we found out that you could get to play four Sky Vegas scratchies exclusively at the bright red mobile phone casino, we immediately went to check them out. Turns out, they are all well made, though incredibly similar.

But worth exploring further.

And when we found out we could get a little extra for trying them out, just because it’s Christmas, we listened and looked at what exactly we would get for our money.

£10 Free on signup + 200% up to £1,000

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An in-depth look at each of the mobile scratch cards

There are a total of four mobile scratch cards that you can currently play exclusively at the Sky Vegas mobile casino.

We should point out that these four are only available on your mobile phones and tablets. So you won’t be able to see them on the online casino.

They all play on the same format. Each card has four playable games, much like the scratch cards you can find at your local petrol station.

  • Game 1: Reveal a 4 to win
  • Game 2: Get one of the two sums to equal 4
  • Game 3: Match 3 symbols to win
  • Game 4: Match 3 values to win

But if they are all the same, whats the point in releasing four?

Just because they have the same game-play doesn’t make them the same. You may have two 5 reel slots, but they can be two very different games. So is the case with these four, and it’s not just the cost to play, but the jackpot on it.

Scratch4Gold – £1 a card

Most you can win on Game 1: £5

Most you can win on Game 2, 3, 4: £10,000

The return to player rate is: 87.53%.

Gold and Ruby Scratch Cards
Examples of the Gold & Ruby Scratch Games

Scratch4Ruby – £2 a card

Most you can win on Game 1: £10

Most you can win on Game 2, 3, 4: £25,000

The return to player rate is: 90.12%

Scratch4Emerald – £5 a card

Most you can win on Game 1: £25

Most you can win on Game 2, 3, 4: £100,000

The return to player rate is: 92.03%

Emerald and Diamond Scratch Cards
Examples of the Emerald & Diamond Scratch Games

Scratch4Diamonds – £10 a card

Most you can win on Game 1: £50

Most you can win on Game 2, 3, 4: £250,000

The return to player rate is: 94.70%

How to claim your free scratch cards

Tempted by some of those top prizes? Yeah, we were too.

So here’s the deal. You can get up to one of each of the cards above for free. But by ‘free’ we mean, extra cards for playing.

The good news is that it suits all budgets, the bad news is that you’ll be better off if you have a bigger budget to play. You’ll need to play 10 rounds on one card to get a better free card in your stocking.

It needs to be real money, so the £10 free no deposit doesn’t count.

  • Play 10 games of Scratch 4 Gold, get one free Scratch for Rubies card
  • Play 10 games of Scratch 4 Rubies, get one free Scratch for Emeralds card
  • Play 10 games of Scratch 4 Emeralds, get one free Scratch for Diamond card
  • Play 10 games of Scratch 4 Diamonds, Get FOUR free cards (one of each kind)

Or buy 40 games and you’ll get 7 free scratch cards to play.

Exclusive games at Sky Vegas

  • Plant Vs Zombies slot
  • Sky Millions
  • Rumble in the Jungle
  • Sky Roulette
  • Spinner Takes all

Try now with a free £10 »

Let’s put it another way to see the value of it:

  • Play £10, get £2 bonus
  • Play £20, get £5 bonus
  • Play £50, get £10 bonus
  • Play £100, get £18 bonus

Or play £180 and you’ll get £35 in total bonus.

Is it worth it?

These four cards are top of the notch mobile casino scratch cards. Make no mistake about that.

When Sky Vegas casino get exclusive games, they make sure they are up to the very best standard possible.

However, there should be one big thing you’ll notice when we wrote about these scratchies. For one, the return to player rate is worse at the lower end of the scale, with the jackpot and returns getting better the more you spend.

So really, the best returns is on that £10 card, that’s for sure. Not to mention that sweet top amount £250,000 jackpot.

Playing and getting extra for free

That said, there is a chance of winning real money during your 10 games.

The really good news is that you can get more than one bonus and work your way through the cards if that’s what you want. And as you play through all the cards, you’ll get freebies to keep you playing.

It’s not a bad deal for scratch card lovers.

Some T&Cs to look out for

Any money you do win on the free cards will be subject to a 5x wagering. It’s like when you get a mobile free spin bonus.

Equally, don’t forget to opt-in before you start buying and playing the scratch cards. They won’t count until you opt-in once you log in to Sky Vegas mobile casino.

Last, but not least, if you do earn any cards you have seven days to play the card. If you don’t it will disappear into the ether.

Limited time offer for December 2014

These scratch cards are brand new and exclusive. We got lucky and got them around Christmas time, meaning Sky Vegas is feeling generous.

So they are giving you a little ‘stocking gift’ to celebrate the holiday season.

Scratchcard bonus offers are rare. If this is your casino game, then there’s never been a better time to try something new.

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