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Christmas Has Come Early? 25K & 10 iPad Air Giveaways at Paddy Power Games

December 8th, 2013 by LuckyMobileCasinos | Follow us on Twitter Here

Paddy Power Games are giving away gifts galore this Christmas, until the 22nd of December, in their ‘Big Dickens of a Promotion’. But is it as generous as it seems?

Win up to 3,000 plus an iPad Air at Paddy Power Games Mobile Casino
Win up to 3,000 plus an iPad Air at Paddy Power Games Mobile Casino

Paddy Power don’t know how to make ‘small promotions’. For them, it’s either big news or no news at all. That said, it does mean that their cash prizes and giveaways are not always the easiest to get.

So how likely are you to get 25,000 in your pocket and an iPad air?

Paddy Power’s Big Dickens of a Promotion

There are essentially two promotions going on at the moment at Paddy Power Games:

  1. 20k Christmas Leaderboard: Play on their casino slots and games, get points, climb the leaderboard. 100 players will get a slice of the 20k, with the top player winning a decent €/£3,000 cash prize.
  2. 10 iPads & 5K giveaway every week: Play and for every €/£10 you bet, you’ll bet a raffle ticket to win one of 10 iPads and your slice of ‘free bets’ otherwise known as ‘bonus money’.

Ok, so one is just a raffle, but how do I climb the leaderboard for that sweet  €/£3,000 cash prize? Different games, different points. Well, first you’ll have to register with Paddy Power Games mobile casino, go to the Promotion’s page and opt in.

Then for every €/£1 you bet, you’ll get the following points for:

  • Blackjack & Video Poker: 1 point
  • Roulette, Other Card & Table Games: 2 points
  • Numbers: 5 points
  • Scratchcards, Arcade, slots, deal or no deal, virtual betting: 10 points
  • Exclusive slot games: 15 points

How many points to the top? We have absolutely no idea as the leaderboard that Paddy Power publishes is about as useful as the viagra spam letters you get through your emails. You see two letter initials of the competitors and their place on the leader board, but not how many points they have accumulated.

So… Not a Fan of This Promotion…?

Not really no. We like tournaments and competitions as much as the next person, but you have to give us a chance to see how we are doing and how far we are from the next prize.

The raffle is fine – we don’t mind raffle in a sort of ‘well, if we are going to play anyway, might as well take my lottery ticket and see if I win a prize’. A raffle is never a good enough reason to play at a casino, but its an added bonus to keep playing at a casino you were already enjoying. An iPad Air would look particularly fetching in our growing collection of gadgets and a great place to play our mobile slots and games.

But the tournament should be the real draw here. 100 players is a nice big pool, the prizes are generous and, yes, you have to bet to get points, but if you are going to play casino anyway, Paddy Power Games is a great choice. They have one of the biggest selection of mobile slots and games we’ve ever seen, and it’s an incredibly easy mobile interface to use.

But the lack of a decent leaderboard stats ruins this promotion in our opinion. The competition elements of the tournament disappears, and it becomes blind luck whether you are in the top 100 or not. If your initials are JS, can you imagine how many other JS there are? Jane Smith? John Smithers? Joana Salvio? Come on…

Look, we are not saying you shouldn’t go to Paddy Power Games and try your luck. As we said, and as we write in our mobile casino review, it’s a fantastic mobile casino platform. We are just saying that if you do decide to opt-in to this promotion, do so knowing that you wont know anything about anything until the 22nd of December. So play because the casino is great, not because you might win your slice of €/£20,000.

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