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Celebrate A Month of Pandamonium With Royal Panda Casino

March 1st, 2015 by LuckyMobileCasinos | Follow us on Twitter Here

Royal Panda casino are officially turning one this month. And because it’s that exciting, they have a month long of celebrations, including free spin bonuses, 1,200 in cash giveaways and Parrot Drones. Yes, Parrot Drones.

Celebrate Pandamonium and Get Free Spins, Cash Bonuses & Prizes
Celebrate Pandamonium and Get Free Spins, Cash Bonuses & Prizes

It’s one thing to invite us to a month long blow out, it’s quite another to see if Royal Panda mobile casino will be able to keep our interest that long.

That said, they have some interesting things happening each and every week for the whole of March 2015.

Mostly it involves a cake load of free spins bonuses. A few lucky ones will be able to win prizes, from cash, to parrot drones, to a GoPro HERO 4.

Question is, after a month of partying with his royal highness, will we feel like a true royal? Or will be suffering the mother of all hang-overs?

We look at what’s happening week by week, which of the casino offers are worth taking and whether this teddy bear might be slipping you ruffies when you’re not watching.

Week 1: 210 free spins and a Parrot Drone

But really there’s only one date you need to keep in mind; the 2nd of March.

Though technically you can play anytime between the 2nd and 6th of March and still win a Parrot drone, but to be honest…

You’re gonna want the 210 free spins on Starburst right?

2 March – deposit and wager today, get:

  • $£€25 = 45 free spins (15 Tuesday, 15 Wednesday, 15 Thursday)
  • $£€50 = 90 free spins (30 Tuesday, 30 Wednesday, 30 Thursday)
  • $£€100 = 210 free spins (70 Tuesday, 70 Wednesday, 70 Thursday)

Some impressive numbers right there. Just 45 free spins, for a small deposit, is worth your while – especially on a game like Starburst.

Exclusive Royal Panda Bonus

Get 10 free spins when you register + 200% up to £€$100

Get your bonus now »

2nd – 6th March – The tournament for the Parrot Drone

Good news, this is a competition that has absolutely nothing to do with how much you deposit.

We prefer it that way. Make it more of a tournament than a raffle.

Basically, the player with the highest Starburst combo recorded between these two dates will win a Parrot drone. We don’t know which one, and yes we had to Google it to find out what it was.

But if quadrocopters are your thing then Starburst is your NetEnt slot game this week.

Week 2: $1,200 crazy cash drop

Technically calling this ‘week 2’ is a little bit of a stretch because all the cash is being given away on one day.

Still, we won’t be the ones to poop on Royal Panda’s party when they are the one’s giving us free cash.

We’ll be happy to call this intergalactic Klingon star-year if it means winning.

10th March: $£€100 given away every hour

Play on any slot machine at any point during the 10th of March and you could be the lucky winner who gets 100 in cash deposited into their player account.

No wagering requirements. This is 100% pure withdrawal cash.

You could, theoretically, play one spin every hour. They are a great mobile phone casino, so you can login quickly and take a few spins during your work breaks to give yourself a chance to get the cash for that hour.

What? It’s not cheating the system if Royal Panda don’t care.

Week 3: get 50 free spins and a Robodog

Mirroring week 1, you’ll have one day to get yourself 50 free spins on Alien Robot, and compete for a… Robodog? Really?

Top Royal Panda Games

Actually we just Googled what that is and we take it back. A puppy that doesn’t make a mess and can be used to entertain the kids for hours? SOLD!

17 March: deposit today, receive 50 spins on Alien Robots

The super good news is that it doesn’t matter how you deposit. Or at least, not that they are saying in their terms and conditions.

Though we suspect if you deposit and play less than 10 in cash, you’ll probably find yourself empty handed.

Once you’ve made your deposit on the 17th, you’ll get:

  • 25 free spins on Wednesday
  • 25 free spins on Thursday

We should point out that Alien Robots slot is not a mobile casino game. So you will need to log in to their online casino site to play.

20 March: winner announcement for the Robodog

You know what’s really great about this casino competition? It’s done on the free spins you got as a bonus.

The player with highest Alien Robots combo wins on those 50 free spins will win a robodog.

Now you see why this is more of a fun prize. You don’t actually have to spend any money to get it. It’s all down to luck!

If you’re not a fan of robotics, Royal Panda mobile casino are happy to transfer the cash value of the item onto your casino account, if you ask nicely.

That’s a top LuckyMobileCasinos.com tip right there.

All Month: 40 free spins on Dead or Alive + win a GoPro HERO4

Technically this should be week 4.

But if you want to make the most of this particular promotion, you should have participated in at least one of the casinos bonus offers above. Here’s why.

Make a deposit anytime in March

You’ll get 20 free spins on the brilliant video slot, Dead or Alive.

Currencies at Royal Panda


Take your bonus »

It’s not a mobile slot machine, but it is one of the higher variance machines in NetEnt’s collection. So basically, with 20 free spins you can either get nothing or… an amazing cash amount.

The nice thing is, with all these offers happening on the Royal Panda casino pandaemonium, you are pretty much guaranteed to get this free spin casino bonus.

26th March: a further 20 free spins

So not only will you get 20 free spins on Dead or Alive if you made a deposit any time in March today, but…

If you make a further deposit on the 26th itself, you’ll get a further 20 free spins on the 27th of March.

That gives you a total of 40 free spins to enjoy, over two days.

26th – 29th March: Win a GoPro Hero4

Costing around £$€300, GoPro Hero 4 are for those of you who have a sense of adventure and want to capture every moment. White water-rafting, climbing mountains… scale the impossible and record every moment.

Or stick it in front of the baby stroller and do a funny ‘baby-cam’ voice-over for YouTube.

The possibilities are endless.

And all you have to do is get the highest combo recorded on Dead or Alive between 26 and 29 March.

Whether you use the free spins or just play on that great slot using your own cash for that great big win, you could add an additional, great, prize.

March Madness? Nope, March fun!

And that’s the whole theme of the this months long birthday celebrations. Giving you actual casino bonuses to help you celebrate with them, and then also great tournament on top for a little extra fun.

You will have to keep an eye out on the dates. But even if all you do is get one extra bonus a week, it’s still generous and fun way to spend your day.

Plus we read the terms and conditions and there’s nothing there that you’ll regret.

Any winnings you make on the free spins will need to be wagered 35 times. And that’s it. Then you play and maybe you win one of the tournaments and star prizes.

Plus, if you didn’t already know, you get an exclusive bonus of 10 free spins no deposit + 200% up to £€$100 in cash.

Happy Birthday Royal Panda. It’s going to be another great year.

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