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Casumo Challenge Is Back! Get 10,000 Cash Top Prize And Free Spins Galore

August 24th, 2015 by LuckyMobileCasinos | Follow us on Twitter Here

NOTE: Casumo is a great WMS/NetEnt/Thunderkick casino who accepts players from all over the world… but you can only play in GBP and Euros. Problem? Here’s other casinos.

There’s something about the Casumo Casino Challenge that is hard to resist. Mostly it’s the guarantee of free spin bonuses, but a top cash prize of €10,000 certainly catches the eye.

Play Slots To Win Casumo Free Spins & Cash Prizes
Play Slots To Win Casumo Free Spins & Cash Prizes

Now, there’s a chance you haven’t heard about the Casumo Casino Challenges.

There’s also a chance this is the first time you’ve come across and started reading LuckyMobileCasinos.com.

Because if you had, you’d know we’ve been big fans of the challenges ever since they first started at the beginning of the year.

The thing to remember is that everyone can get involved, whether you bet big or small, and you’ve got till the 9th of September 2015 to complete the challenges.

Everyone who plays through the challenges gets some casino free spins bonuses. But if you complete them in the least amount of spins, and come to the top 30, you’ll also win cold hard cash.

Up to €10,000 in cash in fact.

Remind me… What are these challenges?

The challenge are on about every single month. It’s part of the reason we gave our Casumo casino review almost 4 stars.

You’ve got 3 levels to choose from:

  • Easy Level: For those who are happy to bet between €0.20 – €1 a spin
  • Medium Level: For those who are happy to bet between €0.50 – €2.50 a spin
  • Hard Level: For those who are happy to bet between €1 – €4.50 a spin

The trick is to complete each of the 7 challenges by playing the right casino games, in the least amount of spins. The top 30 players will win cash.

how much you win is dependent on which level you choose:

  • Easy Level: 1st – €800, 2nd – €500, 3rd – €300, 4th & 5th – €100, 6th & 30th – €25.
  • Medium Level: 1st – €1,500, 2nd – €800, 3rd – €400, 4th & 5th – €200, 6th & 30th – €50.
  • Hard Level: 1st – €10,000, 2nd – €2,000, 3rd – €1,000, 4th & 5th – €750, 6th & 30th – €100.

Get £€1,200 bonus + 200 Free Spins

The Casumo Welcome package is huge, letting you play for longer.

Get my Casumo Bonus »

But don’t worry, if you are not feeling competitive, just by playing along you’ll get rewards along the way:

  • Easy Level: 5 free spins on Jack & The Beanstalk when you complete the first 3 challenges & 40 free spins on Starburst.
  • Medium Level: 20 free spins on Starburst when you complete the first 3 challenges & 80 free spins on Jack & The Beanstalk.
  • Hard Level: 2 super spins (€3 each spin) on Twin Spin when you complete the first 3 challenges & 10 super spins (€3 each) on Piggy Riches.

So really, there’s only a few things to bear in mind:

  1. Progress in the challenge by completing casino missions
  2. The least spins wins
  3. Finish top 30 and win awesome cash prizes
  4. Guaranteed free spins or super spins along the way
  5. Play as many times you want

I’m in! Get me to Casumo »

How to win these challenges

There are a total of 7 challenges, each very specific, and different from what they’ve done previously.

Namely because for once, the challenges need to be played on specific slot games, rather than before, where you could choose which slots to play.

Which makes it a little more challenging, but on the other hand, easier. You don’t have to think about which mobile slot is best, you can just play.

Question is: are the video slots worth playing on? Yes. They’ve picked an awesome selection.

1. Choose your level

No, really. That’s your first challenge complete. Basically saying ‘yeap! I’m in!’

2. Spin 150 times on any slot

Softly getting you in the mood for the challenges. Pick your favourite, make sure you have enough cash, and get playing.

3. Win 75 times on Starburst / 100 times on Jack & The Beanstalk / 100 times on Gonzo’s Quest

Starburst is for the easy level, Jack is for medium, and Gonzo hard. Which makes sense. Getting wins on Starburst is very easy in comparison with the other two.

Other top Casumo games?

  • Raging Rhino
  • Esqueleto Explosivo
  • Rainbow Riches

Play now »

That said, you might want to combine challenge 3 with challenge 2. As you spin on any of the three games to complete 150 spins, you should be able to get 75 on Starburst definitely, and maybe 100 wins on the two other slot machines.

They don’t have to be big wins remember. Just any wins.

And Jack has those roaming wilds, whilst Gonzo gives you cascading wins with multipliers. So not as hard as it looks, just a little more work than the frequently hitting Starburst.

4. Get 2 big wins on Reel Rush

That means, by the way, 15 times your bet.

So actually not as hard as you might think. The fact that Reel Rush slot is, by far, one of our favourite NetEnt casino games, makes this an excellent choice by our account.

Getting 15 times your bet win is not as hard as you might think on a slot machine that has a chain reaction of wins.

Reel Rush starts with 45 ways to win, and on each win the board becomes a little larger until you hit 3125 ways to win during the free spins!

It’s a real rush.

5. Get 3 Mega Wins on Magic Portals

This is a little harder as you’ll need three 30 times your bet wins.

Realistically, that means hitting the free spins a couple of times, with maybe one decent win in the base game.

Not impossible, but be prepared to play Magic Portals for a good 20 minutes to half an hour minimum.

6. Win 5 times on Gonzo’s Quest / Mythic Maiden

This one changes a little depending on your level:

  • Easy: Win 5 times in a row on Gonzo’s Quest
  • Medium: Win 5 times on Gonzo’s Quest
  • Hardcore: Win 5 times in a row on Mythic Maiden

Why the change? Because these are ‘challenges’ after all. They have to be a little different in difficulty, in more ways than just how much you bet.

7. Win 400 times on Twin Spin / 300 Times on Piggy Riches

The last leg of the challenges, easy and medium players will get Twin Spin and Hardcore players will be playing on Piggy Riches.

And yeah, this is a hard challenge. It’s the last one in the list, what did you expect?

You’ll need to pace yourself with this one. Both these mobile phone casino games are very dangerous, and take a while to tame. We’d do this last challenge in between doing the others.

So play 20 or 30 spins, go away, come back to it.

Or don’t and spend an hour on these slots, hoping they pay out.

On the bright side, when either of these games decide to pay out. They pay out BIG.

And after all, isn’t that the whole point of playing slots and completing the challenges?

Because at any point, you could climb that leaderboard, get a cash prize, some free spins, and more importantly, some very big wins.

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