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Free Slot Tournaments on Mobile: How to Play & Where to Find Them

April 22nd, 2014 by LuckyMobileCasinos

Slot tournaments can be one of two things: great fun or a great big con. Mobile slot tournaments are no different, except they are harder to find and their’s less choice. So make sure you choose right.

A Great Selection of Games to Play Slot Tournaments On
A Great Selection of Games to Play Slot Tournaments On

Not everyone is familiar with slot machine tournaments, whether you want to play online or on your phone or tablet. So we’ve also written about the difference between mobile and online slot tournaments, and some of the casinos that we can recommend for both.

This casino blog piece is going to come out as being a little like a mini advert for one casino. The reason for this is simple; amongst all the mobile casinos we’ve investigated there is only one that does a daily slot tourney for mobile phones and tablets that are fair and reasonable.

Where to play slot tournaments

So if it sounds like an advert, it’s only because of the lack of choice we’ve spoken about earlier, and not because we are favouring this mobile casino over others.

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Though, we have to admit, as you can read in our Vera&John mobile casino review, it’s clearly quite high up there in our choices. One of the reasons being that they have slot tournaments running on mobile every week.

It’s a little bit of a circular argument but just be grateful that your mobile slot tournament of choice isn’t some two bit pixel casino. If we find any more we will certainly let you know about it (and you can sign up to our email newsletter here just in case).

How to play a slot tournament on your mobile

With most online slot machine tournaments you have to download the casino software and then ‘buy-in’ to the competition. A buy in simply means ‘an entrance fee’. Once the event starts you basically spin as fast as you can on the tournament slots with real money, for as long as you can, for either the most spins or the biggest win of all the players taking part.

The iPhone & Android slots tournaments we’ve found at Vera&John work a little differently in that there is no download or buy in. You have a start and end date, one or two video slots and a goal. So the idea is the same, but because download mobile casinos can be heavy on the memory of your smartphone, instant play casinos just work better.

Buy-in VS freeroll slot tournaments

All the ones at Vera&John casino are free to enter but you’ll have to play with your real money, not bonus money.

Buy-ins like you’ll find at Video Slots casino tend to work differently in that you have 5 minutes to get the most spins or the biggest win. Sometimes those spins are free, sometimes they are at your own cost, but generally the cash prize tend to be in the tens of thousands.

Free slots tournaments rarely are. The prize pool ranges from about 500 to 1,000 in cash, split over the top 10 to 20 players. You’ll also have to pay for the spins, but then if you are in the mood to play mobile slots, why not give the game that has a cash prize tagged to it a go?

How to win a slot tournament

The online events tend to give you a short window of opportunity. Sometimes as little as 5 to 30 minutes.

The freerolls on phones and tablet work a little differently. Here you usually get 24 to 48 hours to play. They want to give everyone a chance to climb the leader-board.

There are generally 4 types available and we’ve listed the slot tournament rules of each below, in order of our favourites:

1. Best equalised payout factor for XX consecutive rounds:

This is a fancy way of saying ‘keep spinning and we’ll calculate your biggest wins in total over XX amounts of spins you’ve made’ (usually 20 or 30 spins). You know why we like this one best?

Because it’s fair. It’s not about the biggest amount won, it’s about the biggest percentage win. So if you bet 1 and win 10, you get the same amount of points that the bigger better who is gambling 10 and wins 100. Plus, it’s about your best 20 spins within the time frame.

So whether that’s your first 20 spins, spins 5 to 25 or spin 126 to 146. It calculates your best result for as long as you play on that video slot.

2. Most spins spun:

You have five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour, a week… the person who spins the most spins on the tournament slot wins! It doesn’t matter if you were betting a penny or a hundred per spin, still only counts as one spin.

The reason this one comes second is that, of course, if you have a bigger gambling budget you can cheat this one by lowering your bet. But how many big gamblers do you know who are willing to jump down from gambling 10 a spin to 0.01 a spin?

Generally it’s the second fairest.

3. Biggest win on the game:

Whilst this may sound a little like our number one choice, it’s far from it. This just takes the person who’s won the biggest in-game jackpot and gives them extra cash.

So say, two people won 20 thousand at the end of the session. One person was betting 1 coin, the other was betting 100 coins. Technically, the win of the first person is far more impressive than the second, and yet both will end up splitting the top prize.

We’ve played a few of these as a ‘bonus’ rather than as a ‘must’ as this is really all down to luck and bigger betters do tend to have an edge.

4. Most wagered on a game:

Exactly what it sounds like and in our honest opinion, best avoided. This is for the VIPs of the casino only, and unless you happen to be the kind of player who doesn’t mind playing a few thousand in one go, it’s hard to win.

Also, on a purely responsible level, this type of competition encourages you to spend more than you might in order to try and compete with the big boys. It breaks our number one gambling rule: stick to your budget, don’t spend more than you can afford to lose.

Can we find other slot tournaments other than at Vera & John?

For your Android tablet/phone or iPad/iPhone? Nope. None that we would be comfortable recommending.

Vera&John Tournament Highlights:

  • Prizes from 500 to 5,000 in cash
  • Daily Competitions
  • All mobile friendly slots
  • Usually on the latest mobile slot releases
  • Usually on best equalised payout

Honestly, look around, there’s not many that give you these types of competions everyday and that you can play on your mobile device. We test A LOT of mobile casinos and we haven’t found any. If you have, give us a shout and we will happily go check them out.

However, the real kings of slot tournaments are download Microgaming casinos. Not mobile friendly, as you’ll have to download the software on your desktop to play, but they have a variety of freerolls and buy-in with tens of thousands in cash prizes. They tend to go for the ‘most spins’ route, which is fun, and sometimes even allows you to talk to the other players taking part.

Still, we know we are starting to sound like a broken record, but Vera John casino has it all. They are all free, they can all be played on mobile and online, the cash prizes are decent and it’s on a new slot everyday. You know what to do.

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